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8 Benefits Of Planting Evergreens

Planting evergreens ensures they never become endangered and brings many benefits to us all

8 Benefits of Planting Evergreens

Evergreens have forever been a favorite tree, especially at Christmastime. Everyone who celebrates Christmas has memories of hunting for the perfect evergreen to put in their home and decorate with ornaments, lights and tinsel. But do evergreens exist for our holiday pleasure alone? Of course not. Evergreens belong to the conifer species, meaning they have needles and cones instead of leaves and flowers. Ultimately, planting evergreens ensures they never become endangered and brings many benefits to us all. We’ll discuss just a few benefits in this blog.

Just Plain Beauty

Let’s start with the easy one. Evergreens are beautiful trees that add a lovely touch of color to a winter landscape. They send out the unrelenting message that life still abounds even when things look bleak and cold.


Nothing sets off a property line like a row of evergreens. The best-looking fence cannot compare with the natural beauty and protection of evergreen trees as a boundary to your property. Planting evergreens will define your boundaries for generations.


Evergreens are excellent for the environment. First, they provide oxygen and reduce carbon monoxide. A single acre of evergreens can provide enough oxygen for 18 people. But more than providing air to breathe, evergreens help clean the air by removing toxins and other pollution and leaving healthier air to breathe. When we participate in planting evergreens regularly, we are helping the environment to heal.


Because evergreens never lose their needles but instead are thick and lush all the time, they provide great privacy screens. Planting a row of evergreens provides privacy, so you can rest assured prying eyes will have no easy access.

Home, Sweet Home

In addition to providing oxygen and cleaning the air, evergreens provide homes and shelter for many birds and wildlife. Nests are safe from predators and weather, and the many branches give plenty of birds and small animals a home. In addition, the foliage and seeds provide food for flora and fauna and can protect birds and wildlife from freezing weather.

Energy Efficiency

Evergreen borders save energy inside your home. In the summer, the shade will lower your air conditioning bill because the entire house stays cooler. In the wintertime, while other shade trees lose their leaves (and temperature control), evergreens can help hold in the heat that other trees cannot. Planting a row of evergreens on the north side of your building can substantially reduce your heating bill.

Low Maintenance

Evergreens are as close to maintenance-free as you can get. Their ability to retain moisture is near the top of the list of other trees. While the first year after planting will require attention, once an evergreen is off to a healthy start, with proper drainage and access to natural groundwater and rainfall, it won’t need much maintenance to grow to great heights and live for decades.

We Love Them

Evergreens are beloved by almost everyone. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them, and their majesty and magnificence ensure they always remain in our hearts. You can make planting evergreens a family tradition and help to keep them around for future generations.

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