Front Yard Shrubs

Best Front Yard Shrubs

The plant life in a front yard has a lot to do with how a home is first perceived. It doesn’t even matter if the home is small or old. If the plant life outside is diverse and appealing, the home will appear more welcoming. However, not all plant life is the same. For example, flowers and roses may look beautiful, but they require lots of maintenance and care. On the other hand, trees may require less hands-on maintenance, but they look simpler and take longer to grow. It seems that to have beauty, you have to sacrifice time for maintenance. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to plant tons of trees or several beds of flowers for your yard to look great. Here are our picks for the best types of front yard shrubs and how they provide the best of both worlds for your home.


If you want shrubs that stand out and turn heads, then pretty much any shrub in the Azalea family should get the job done. The colors for Azalea shrubs usually range from peach, violet, white, and red-orange. These are plants that grow up to about 5 feet on average and add an instant pop to whatever yard they inhabit. They require sunlight in the morning and enjoy the shade in the afternoons.

Gem Boxwood

Gem Boxwood shrubs are extremely low-maintenance and provide color year-round. With that being said, what’s not to like about them? Their shape and average height (two feet) allow it to fit almost anywhere. When pruned and trimmed, Gem Boxwood shrubs add a touch of class and elegance to any home. They also serve as great space fillers while still looking amazing. Have space in front of your home and window that you don’t know what to do with? Try Gem Boxwood shrubs. They will fill the area well without dominating space and add a year-round pop of color to the yard.

Rose Shrubs

Rose Shrubs are often referred to as the never-ending rose due to how long they stay active during the year. These rosy-green shrubs bloom in mid-spring and continue blooming well into December. That’s about nine months of life! They also require very little to no pruning and are naturally disease and pest resistant. In short, they have all the beautiful attributes of roses and flowers but require less hassle and live longer. Rose Shrubs are just about the perfect front yard plant. If you have them displayed outside your home, you can bet people will notice them.

Keep on Keeping On

While many of these shrubs require very little maintenance, the rest of your yard might still need some work. If you feel that the workload may be too much, contact us! We specialize in several arborist services and have worked with thousands of satisfied customers.