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Colorado Trees

When it comes to tree care, nurturing the health of tree roots is of utmost importance. Solid and resilient roots are the foundation for a tree’s overall well-being, ensuring its longevity and vitality. With a few tips, pointers and essential practices to help nurture and protect the roots of your trees, you can ensure they… Read More

drought-tolerant trees

Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas are known for their stunning scenery, including many trees. Still, the dry climate of the region can make it difficult to keep trees healthy, thriving and growing safely on your property. That’s where drought-tolerant trees chosen specifically for the growing conditions unique to the area can make all the… Read More


The trees on your property are doing more than providing shade and beauty; they’re also boosting your property value and an important part of the curb-appeal equation. Because your trees are valuable, it’s important to foster healthy growth to protect your investment and keep your property safe. Pruning is a vital part of tree care,… Read More

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Trees are the backbone of any landscape design and an essential part of the ecosystem that is your lawn, but they can also bring a big splash of wonder and whimsy when they’re covered in blossoms. Flowering trees can be a challenge in the alpine desert climate of Colorado, but never fear; there are flowering… Read More

shrubs and trees

With the worst of winter weather fading in the rearview mirror with the promise of more hospitable weather ahead, it’s time to start thinking about your spring planting. It’s also your chance to get your hands on the newest, most unique trees and shrubs. When you want your lawn and garden to be the envy… Read More

tree landscape of shade trees

When you think of your favorite park or nature walk in warm weather, you can probably picture at least a few of the trees that provide delicious shade from the sun. Those pools of cool protection are perfect for a picnic, nap or a long conversation with a friend. If you enjoy walks around your… Read More

professional arborist performing tree trimming service

The trees we see and often take for granted are some of the most important organisms for life as we know it. They provide much of the oxygen we breathe, cooling shade in the heat of summer and shelter for animals of all kinds. While they may grow unaided in forests, they can be destroyed… Read More

hoverfly on daisy blossom in mountain meadow on sunny day in early summer; biodiverse ecosystem

The vast ecosystem of life in the forest might surprise you. While we easily see the trees in the forest, we rarely stop and think about why those trees are essential to a biodiverse ecosystem. As we dig in for a better understanding, we can also learn to appreciate the enormity of life in the… Read More

Close up of an evergreen tree | Benefits Of Planting Evergreens

8 Benefits of Planting Evergreens Evergreens have forever been a favorite tree, especially at Christmastime. Everyone who celebrates Christmas has memories of hunting for the perfect evergreen to put in their home and decorate with ornaments, lights and tinsel. But do evergreens exist for our holiday pleasure alone? Of course not. Evergreens belong to the… Read More

beautiful winter trees; snowy garden view on a sunny cold day

When you think of the things that make the Front Range beautiful, it’s a sure bet that the proliferation of gorgeous trees ranks high on your list. They’re certainly a treat for the eyes, but for property owners in Colorado, winter tree and shrub problems can create an opposite effect. Trees are an important part… Read More