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Whether a storm blows through your neighborhood, or a tree succumbs to old age or disease, a fallen tree on your property can cause significant damage. If you are considering removing the tree by yourself, you should think twice. This can be a costly or dangerous decision and is best left to   However, avoiding… Read More

Christmas tree

It’s time to deck the halls with boughs of holly, and dust off our lights and ornaments. Whether you have a traditional old school tree, or a reusable one that you store away all year, it is the sentiment of the Christmas tree that counts. The tradition is symbolic, and dates back to ancient Egypt… Read More


Plants need fertilizer to survive, even in the cold winter months, and especially when there is a lack of proper soil conditions. Plants thrive when living in soil that contains sufficient nutrients to encourage optimum growth. There are many kinds of fertilizer, so choosing the right one for your garden can be tricky. Understanding basic… Read More

hardiest plant types

As the winter approaches in Colorado, only the hardiest plant types will make it through the brutal weather, with temperatures ranging from 16 ° – 54 °, not to mention that the further you go into the mountains, the colder it gets. The average snowfall is between 60 and 100 inches annually, and this impacts… Read More

cold weather

How do plants survive the cold weather of snow and ice during winter? Unfortunately, plants don’t have the ability to hibernate or escape the harsh winter environment like their animal cohabitants. Plants are forced to adapt to the conditions around them, as they are rooted into the ground, and one of the most difficult aspects… Read More


So you’re thinking of planting a tree in your backyard? Here are the top six trees to grow in your yard and add some value, shade, privacy, and color. And you can build a landscape around them too! American Holly– Considered both an evergreen and ornamental tree, the year-round foliage adds both visual interest and… Read More


We can’t all be landscaping experts, but even experienced gardeners can have a difficult time differentiating between shrubs and bushes. There is not a lot of differences between the two, but a bush is a low, densely branched plant and a shrub is a low, several-stemmed woody plant. Therefore, both a shrub and a bush… Read More

Bristlecone Pine scaled

Trees can live anywhere from under 100 years to more than a thousand years depending on the species. However, one tree species outlives them all. Pinus Longaeva, The Great Basin Bristlecone Pine is the oldest tree in existence, reaching an age of over 5,000 years old.   In fact, the Bristlecone is not only considered… Read More

climate change

It’s no secret that Earth’s climate has changed throughout history. However, the current warming trend of climate change is particularly significant because most of it is the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and is proceeding to increase at an unprecedented rate.   Extreme Events- Wildfires are raging rampantly worldwide, hurricanes are reaching… Read More


The benefits of trees are plentiful. They give off oxygen, improve air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants, reduce the amount of rain runoff, erosion, and pollution in waterways, and of course provide food and protection for many species.   In addition, the economic benefits should not be overlooked. Properly placed trees can reduce… Read More