tree landscape of shade trees

Designing Your Landscape in 3 Simple Steps

When it comes to home landscapes, trees are wonderful additions to any home – they increase property value, clean the air, provide trade and privacy, and can even reduce noise from busy roads around your home. The benefits are endless and by planting trees you can also do your small part to help the environment. However, when you’re planting these trees, it’s important to consider how you will organize and design them to fit your yard and home. Below are a few simple ideas for how to make the perfect tree landscape.

Make a Plan

First, make a plan for how you want to design your trees. Start out by looking at what you consider to be the most important to you. This means considering things like shade, beauty, privacy, and even habitat.

Beauty- is beauty one of the most important things to you? Trees are beautiful additions to yards, they offer wonderful highlights of colors like deep greens and bright colors. Flowering trees or ornamental trees are great additions and can satisfy your need to beautify your yard and add personality. Star magnolias gave white flowers that bloom in the spring and need full sun exposure. Or heaven scent magnolia which has fragrant pink flowers and attracts birds and bees to your backyard. The red bird of paradise tree can bring a pop of color to your backyard with its vibrant and bright red and yellow flowers. There are many other flowering trees you could get as well.

Shade- Are you looking for a little bit of shade in your backyard? Shade can reduce sun exposure on your home and save you money on air conditioning and even give you a lovely place to sit beneath in the summer. There a variety to shade trees to choose from to add to your back yard. The northern catalpa has large flowers and a thick canopy of leaves that can be a great attraction to bees. The weeping willow has a distinct look adding shade with their long leaves, and grow best near water. The nuttall oak grows very fast and with its classic oak and growth of acorns that can attract animals like squirrels and deers to observe.

Design Ideas For your Trees

Once you have chosen the type of trees you want based on your needs and the environment you live, you can begin considering interesting design.

Create a path of trees- If your backyard allows it and is large enough it can be a fun design to create a sort of pth with your trees. Line and plant on both sides parallel trees so that when they grow it can care a path naturally.

Add a bench- this can be a wonderful design idea. Building a circular bench that circles the tree`s trunk allows you to enjoy the shade you have been craving. You can have a lovely break with a hot cup of tea as you sit under the bench and enjoy the fresh air, the beauty of your tree, and the shade.

Keep it simple- you can combine both greenery and nature and man-made stone pavers to create the perfect juxtaposition highlighting the beauty of both of the items. The pavers will boost your home’s value. You can create a landscape of paver and have a space where your tree can grow through.


When you decide to grow your trees will be planted you will need someone to continue to care for your trees and keep them growing and Front Range Arborist are committed to keeping your landscape groomed, thriving, and well kept. Contact us today.