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Preparing Trees for Winter Weather

Colorado weather in September and October is usually dry and hot. It’s important to keep your plants hydrated before they go dormant for the winter. You can add a layer of mulch to help insulate roots while holding in moisture.

During the winter, Colorado residents see freezing cold temperatures which can kill your trees if they aren’t taken care of properly. To save your shrubs and trees, it is necessary to start preparing your trees for the cold months ahead of time. Here are some tips to help keep your trees healthy during those cold winter months.

Winter Tree Care Plan

One of the first things you can do to protect your trees is to prune them. As arborists, we specialize in making sure that your trees are ready to take on the cold winter months without losing any of your trees.

Wrap Your Trees

Although it may seem un-orthodox, for trees that are young, newly transplanted, or thin-barked, it is best that their trunks are wrapped to protect them from winter weather. Wrap your trees with burlap, plastic, paper, or even vinyl. Not only can wrapping your trees protect them from the cold weather, but it can also protect them from sunscald, which is localized injury of plant tissues caused by exposure to intense sunlight.

Tree Watering

When the weather is above the freezing mark, it is important that you water your plants every three to four weeks to allow the moisture to soak in before it freezes over again. Dry winter months often kill plants through dehydration. By keeping the soil moist beneath the surface, it ensures that the roots will continue to grow for a healthy tree even after the cold winter.


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