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Tips to Protect Your Trees During the Summer

A hot, dry summer can have a devastating impact on trees. It is important to protect your trees and maintain their health when rainfall is unreliable.

Younger trees, especially, need tender loving care because they haven’t yet established strong root systems to withstand harsh weather conditions and lack of water. There are a number of serious consequences which can arise from a tree not receiving the sustenance it needs; including hungry insects moving in for the feast.

These trees need human intervention to stay strong and healthy, so it pays to arm yourself with the knowledge needed to carry out effective maintenance. The heat may become grueling, which means carefully monitoring the condition of the trees under your care. If you are struggling to cope with the sun for short periods of time, imagine the potential damage that can occur to trees that are left to endure a constant bombardment of UV rays during the daylight hours.

Water Needs

First, you need to understand the water needs of your trees, as it is important for adequate nourishment. If a tree is mature, it will need around five gallons of water to sustain each inch of diameter. This amount of water is needed once a week for older, strong trees; and twice a week for trees that are younger and more vulnerable in a dry summer. The best method for effective watering is using a deep root feeder or sprinkler. You can also use an irrigation system but do not rely on this method for effective watering. They are not made to support root systems in trees due to the fact irrigation systems do not provide sufficient ground saturation.

You can also take advantage of the services offered by Front Range Arborists. We provide a Winter Water program that provides effective maintenance for trees, shrubs, and landscapes. Our professional expert arborists can help ensure the effects of the summer heat on your trees are significantly reduced and even eliminated in many cases. Assessing the coming weather and how it will impact on local trees is part of our approach to staying one step ahead of the heat.


Forget everything you have been told about the negative results from using mulch to protect small trees from the heat. A typical mistake people make is assuming they need to pile mulch sky high around the base of the tree. Doing so will attract the kind of insects that can cause damage. A four-foot diameter around the base is more than sufficient to aid in water retention during a hot summer.

You only need to use a single layer of mulch. If you end up with a pile of mulch that looks like a fortification surrounding the tree, it is too much and will create an environment that is attractive to insects. This is a cheap and effective method that does not require specialized tools or hiring an experienced arborist.

After Summer Care

Sometimes, even with your best efforts, a number of trees will come out of summer having been impacted due to the insufficient water supply. Do not panic because there are solutions that will help to revitalize struggling trees. A fall fertilization treatment is one of many options that Front Range Arborists can provide to improve the health of any trees that are lacking the vital nutrients they need.

A professional arborist is able to identify areas of concern and provide solutions that are effective. Most species of trees are resilient and can bounce back from even the hottest summer with the right care. It is important to act right away if you feel you are out of your depth and do not want to see trees die off unnecessarily.

Front Range Arborists

First and foremost, Front Range Arborists are here to provide you with expert consultation on caring for your trees, plants, and landscape throughout the year. There is the constant threat of trees becoming unhealthy and dying, which can be remedied with DIY maintenance or the services of Front Range Arborists. We will take the time to fully assess your needs and provide recommendations on effective solutions that are at a cost you can afford.

At Front Range Arborists we can carry out shrub and tree pruning, fire mitigation, fertilizing solutions, and much more. Every service is based on your consultation, so your experience with our arborists will be completely tailored to the specific needs of your landscape and trees. Our full range of tree services is available in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.
If you have concerns about your trees surviving the summer, call Front Range Arborists today for a friendly consultation. By getting ahead of the heat wave you are giving your trees the best chance to remain healthy and strong. Call today to find out more about our work and the services we provide.

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