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Mountain Pine Beetle Treatment + Prevention

Colorado Springs and most of the high country in Colorado had a large outbreak of both Ips and mountain pine beetle. These beetles are known to eat away trees under the bark leaving dead standing trees that are dangerous and problem causing.

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Mountain Pine Beetles, native Colorado bark beetles, primarily infest trees like limber pine, lodgepole pine, and ponderosa pine. However, Mountain Pine Beetles are not limited to infesting just those species of pines, and all pines in Colorado are susceptible especially when the beetle population rises.

Signs & Symptoms

If the tree has been infected, you will see the needles drop after they have turned a rust color. Another indicator that the Pine Beetles have infested your trees is by a release of the pitch. If your tree has released pitch, you will see small white or reddish-brown tubes outside of the bark.

The only means of pine beetle prevention and control is through preventative pine beetle spray. Front Range Arborists Inc. has all the equipment to correctly and efficiently apply these insecticides. Pine Beetle prevention is applied to non-infected trees. Trees that already have a beetle infestation should be removed.

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