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Turf Care

Front Range Arborists have the available staff and licensing to ensure that your lawn maintains a green and healthy turn.

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Fertilizing within our Turf Care Program will provide your turf with the necessary nutrition for the year with a minimal amount of applications. This is accomplished through the use of quality slow-release fertilizers and applications timing.

Weed Control:

The Weed Control part of our Turf Care Program combines the use of pre-emergent weed control with a post-emergent program that utilizes a rotation program so that resistance and overuse of an herbicide are minimized.


Aerating your landscape provides many benefits, such as enhancing water infiltration to the root zone, reduction of evaporation and pooling, reducing soil compaction, stimulating root growth, and providing passage for fertilization and nutrients to the root zone.


To extend the life of your landscape and ensure your turf is as healthy as possible, book turf care services that remove the guesswork and provide yearlong maintenance, at the right time and right amount, which will allow your turf to thrive, even through our harsh Colorado winters!

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