benefits of trees

The Many Benefits of Trees

Everyone has seen one, and they’re pretty much everywhere. But besides making yards look nice, what else can trees do for us? With a little research, one can find that they do a lot more than we could probably ever do for them. The following are our favorite benefits of trees.

Communal Benefits

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a young, healthy tree’s net cooling effect is the equivalent of ten room-size air conditioners operating all day. Now, imagine the impact of an array of trees down a busy street in the downtown of the suburbs. Now include the trees that are already planted in the front yards of this neighborhood. When you consider the cooling power of trees, it’s almost impossible to imagine why a warm-climate city wouldn’t have them. The shade that trees give off also cools pavement, roads, and homes. They also provide shade for people and animals that live in the area. The oxygen they release also helps keep the air in the community clean. Next time you go for a stroll, make sure to thank a tree as you walk by it.

Economic Benefits

Trees not only make a home look nice, but they can add from 5% to 15% more value to the property compared to the ones around it. They help a home stand out from the competition and have an influence on how fast the home sells as well. The economic benefits don’t stop at the residential level either. Businesses and public spaces with trees benefit from increased foot traffic. If someone walks by an ice cream stand with a big leafy tree right next to it, they will be more tempted to buy an ice cream cone and eat it under the shade of the tree. All types of businesses benefit from the presence of trees on their properties. Apartment complexes and condos surrounded by trees also have greater pulling power than multi-level residencies without them.


Health Benefits

In addition to communal and economic benefits, trees help our well-being too. Just the simple act of spending time around trees can have incredible health benefits for people. Hanging out around trees and looking at them can reduces stress, lower blood pressure, and improve mood. Studies have shown that surgery patients recover faster from a variety of after-effects when provided a room with a green view (a view to trees or abundant plant life.)

Think about the last time you went out in nature. Usually, these walks, hikes, strolls or runs allow for clarity and peace of mind. Trees also reduce UV-B exposure, which protects skin against increased chances of skin cancer.


Let us Help your Trees

As can be seen, trees probably do a lot more for people than people might do for them. However, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t receive the proper care and attention they deserve. If you are unsure about how to care for your tree properly, give us a call! We specialize in all types of tree care and maintenance. This includes tree pruning, shrub pruning, winter water, fertilization, tree preservation, pest control, and much more! When you work with us, you can be sure your trees and plant life will receive the best care.