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My Tree Has Dead Limbs

If you’ve noticed that the limbs on your tree are dead, you may wonder if your tree is completely dead or in a rapid decline.

In most cases, dead limbs occur naturally for trees over time. If you have several dead limbs throughout the tree, it can indicate that there is probably another problem, but it also may not be a cause for concern.

So you now may be wondering, when would be the time to be worried about the health of the tree?


Symptoms of a sick or dying tree

  • Deadwood

The top or crown of the tree is dying off first, it usually means that it will start working its way throughout the entire tree. You can also determine this if the branches are easy to break and feel dry.

  • Poor Structure

If you notice that your tree is leaning more to one side than the other, you can fix this by placing rods near the tree connect with strong string to help support the tree and bring it back into its upright position. If left-leaning, the tree can ultimately fall over.

  • Cracks

Large cracks visible at the base of branches could indicate that the tree is weak and could fall over.


If you see any of these symptoms with your tree, it means that its health is threatened and the faster they are identified, the more likely you will be able to save the tree. By consulting with professional arborists, they can help determine the necessary steps to help promote tree growth and get your trees back to being healthy. If you have more questions or would like a professional to evaluate your trees, contact the Front Range Arborists today!

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