arborist tools

What’s in an Arborists Toolbox?

Our Arborists’ toolbox is the work truck. Since most of our equipment doesn’t actually fit inside of your average toolbox, we have a lot of equipment to haul. Learn about the most important tools we use every single day.


The most obvious…a chainsaw! It is the most common tool that is used by arborists every single day. Invented in 1830, the chainsaw was actually used as a medical device to cut through bone. Over the years it has evolved into the most important tool for cutting, lopping, pruning, and removing trees. Because the chainsaw is so effective, it is also extremely dangerous and should be handled with caution. Our arborists have all had training on the proper way to handle them.


The woodchipper is a groundsman’s best friend on the field. Now the woodchipper does not actually fit inside of a toolbox, however, it is used every day. Three projects that a woodchipper comes in handy the most is during whole tree removal, stump removal, or if there is a large number of excess shrubs that need to be removed. This works by reducing the wood through chopping it up into small pieces of sawdust. This process ensures a quick and efficient cleanup.

Pruning Shears

The pruning shear is a small handheld device used to trim overgrown plants, but it is even strong enough to clip branches.  This is not one of the heavy-duty tools that you may typically see us using, but they are efficient in many situations in case we need to deal with more detailed, small branches.


Maybe one of the most important items in an arborists’ toolbox is personal protective gear. If we didn’t wear gloves every day, our hands would be completely torn to shreds. It is obvious that every arborist needs a good set of gloves to protect their hands from sharp branches and leaves, as well as provide sufficient grip when handling rope on a day to day basis.

Eye Protection

Similar to gloves, hopefully, this comes as a no-brainer. When taking on any heavy-duty project, it is important to make sure you are protected from any flying objects. When using chainsaws, there is sawdust flying around, and rogue leaves and small pieces of earth have many opportunities to land in your eyes. This also goes for helmets, belts, etc. Tree removal is a dangerous job, so it is extremely important that our team is fully equipped.

Climbing Gear

Front Range Arborists is always prepared to climb. Some more difficult jobs require it. Whether that be blocks and pulleys, carabiners, rigging plates, we’ve got them all! In some cases, we will use bucket trucks that hoist us up to make our cuts easily. But in more complicated situations, it is easier to have one of our certified climbers use a rigging system to climb into the tree and make cuts all the way down.

Want to see us in action? If you have a problem tree, or just need some routine maintenance, give us a call today! We love what we do and are happy to help.