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When to Remove Your Tree

Deciding to Remove Your Trees

Knowing when it is time to let go of a tree can be a really tough decision, but it is something we advise you to take care of immediately when you notice it. The bigger the tree gets, the more expensive its problems become. Major reasons people are hesitant to remove their trees is due to cost, or even emotional ties. When decay has set it, it becomes more difficult and expensive to remove a tree. When a decaying tree is left unrated, it can start to get hollow space that grows within them, and eventually, it is only a matter of time before it collapses under its own weight. Take a look at the signs and plan of action if you are questioning the health of your tree.

Signs It Is Time to Remove

  • The tree is not showing signs of life anymore
  • Dropping more sap, branches, seeds than usual
  • Obstruction of view
  • Major storm damage
  • Heavily leaning towards homes
  • Excessive root growth
  • Tree outgrew location
  • Interior decay
  • Over 50% of tree has damage

When to Keep the Tree

If you are juggling the decision to remove your tree, the ultimate decision is best left up to our experienced arborists who will use their knowledge of how a particular tree typically responds in your area. By taking advantage of mitigating tree care – pruning away damaged or dead areas, removing additional weight – you are more likely to hold onto your trees and bring them back to life. The good news is that trees are like humans in that their intricate systems can fend for themselves! Each species has its own unique process to fight off disease and decay. Investing in regular pruning maintenance can help your tree stand even stronger!

Give Us a Call!

Contact us for a second opinion. We never recommend tree care by homeowners. Our team has the experience and skills to safely remove the tree. We know it may not look like much, but tree removal is much more of a mess than you think once it is on the ground! Often times, people will climb a ladder with a chainsaw, and underestimate the amount of debris they are taking down. We are equipped with the tools and machinery to properly discard of the brush. Customer beware! A bad prune job can affect your trees years down the road. This is another reason why the cheapest bid, may not always be the best long-term.