4 Reasons Why a Professional Should Remove Your Tree

Whether a storm blows through your neighborhood, or a tree succumbs to old age or disease, a fallen tree on your property can cause significant damage. If you are considering removing the tree by yourself, you should think twice. This can be a costly or dangerous decision and is best left to


However, avoiding damage of a fallen tree isn’t the only reason to remove trees from your property. Cutting trees may be the solution when it comes to building a new site, getting rid of diseased trees, or making room for other trees to grow. But if you need more persuading when it comes to sticking with the professionals, here are 4 reasons you should let one of our arborists remove your tree.



While you may assume that taking a tree down by yourself will save you money, it actually may end up costing you more in the long run. You may have to purchase or rent special equipment or tools, which might drive up your costs. In addition, consider the potential cost of liability if there is damage to neighboring properties, such as the need to replace fences, vehicles, or other damages if the tree falls in the wrong way.


At Front Range Arborists, our professionals know the importance of safety and costliness when it comes to tree removal and want to make sure the process of cleaning up fallen trees is efficient and cost effective.



A fallen tree can pose a real threat. Tree removal is a hazardous undertaking and can cause further damage or injury if not done by an experienced professional. Equipment necessary to complete the job, such as chainsaws, cranes and cables, woodchippers, and stump grinders, can be highly dangerous if mishandled. In addition, other bodily harm may come from falling from heights, being hit by debris, taking down live electrical wires, or hitting other dangerous structures like gas lines.



Cleaning up a fallen tree is often more work than expected. You never realize how big a tree was until it is laying in pieces in your yard. All the parts have to be cut into manageable and transportable lengths and taken off the property to a disposal site. You may have to pay a disposal fee if you take this project on yourself. In addition, heavy equipment can cause damage to your lawn, and other projects, such as grinding down the unsightly stump in your yard.


Saved Time:

Cleaning up a fallen tree by yourself will more than likely take a lot of time and effort. Without the skills and experience of a trained arborist, it will just take longer. You’re also more likely to make mistakes that will add to your time to fully clean up the mess. Hiring a professional will ensure your time is saved, and the job is done right the first time.


Overall, if a tree has fallen on your property, consider all the above and call the professionals! At Front Range Arborists, we offer residential and commercial tree trimming and tree removal. Get a quote today to find out more!