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Winter Time Tree Safety

It is getting harder to predict what winter will bring for your trees, so it is always best to be prepared for the absolute, worst case scenario.

How your trees will fare in the winter will depend on the type of tree and the maintenance they need. However, there are standard tree safety rules you should follow to give them the best chance of making it through the winter in good health.

It is also important to note if you feel your trees are experiencing any serious health or safety issues, call a certified arborist to conduct an inspection and carry out any necessary maintenance. Front Range Arborist understands the challenges winter can bring, so trust the care of your trees to a qualified specialist where the situation calls for it.

Removing Snow

It is tempting to shake the limbs of trees that have been loaded with snow. The snow that builds up after a heavy snowfall can make limbs look vulnerable and droopy. The thing is, by trying to help your trees, you may end up inadvertently damaging the limbs. Trees have lived for millions of years and have grown through snowstorms without human intervention for much of that time.

The bottom line: trees are much more resilient than owners often realize, which leads to unnecessary attempts at intervention where the tree suffers damage. At Front Range Arborist, we always seek to provide our customers with the education they need to provide trees with the care and maintenance they deserve.

Stay Off the Ice

If you find yourself watching your tree limbs for ice forming in the worst of the winter months, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is always important to monitor the health of your trees, which includes trying to ensure limbs don’t become damaged or broken. You may begin to run into problems if you attempt to save your tree from icy limbs, however.

Climbing an icy tree is never advisable. It is difficult enough to safely climb a tree when it isn’t covered in a sheet of ice or frost. Check from ground level for damaged limbs and keep an eye on things until the tree thaws out. You don’t have to panic if there are a few limbs that have suffered slight-to-moderate damage. If you do have concerns and would like to have the tree checked, Front Range Arborists is here to provide excellence in services throughout Colorado.

Professional, Certified Arborists

At Front Range Arborists, we understand you love your trees and want them to make it through winter without damage. The best thing to do if you spot potential or actual damage is to consult with a professional, certified arborist. You need an expert who has the necessary tools and equipment to assess and treat your trees, even when the weather and conditions are treacherous.

We provide expert services in the state of Colorado to home and business owners. The following are just some of the services you can rely on Front Range Arborists to deliver professional and without fuss or mess:

Professional consultation:

We understand you value the health of your trees, which is why Front Range Arborists offer professional consultation on care and maintenance.


Pruning is an important part of tree maintenance and care. We can provide crown thinning, structural pruning, and dead-wood removal services. Front Range Arborists tailor the service to the type and age of each tree for excellence in service.

Stump/Tree removal:

Regardless of the size of a tree stump, Front Range Arborists can provide clean removal that leaves your landscape undamaged after we’ve gone.

Pruning shrubs:

If you have shrubs in your landscape, you can trust Front Range Arborists to carry out efficient and effective pruning. We can shear shrubs in both formal and natural styles; with the health of the plant always the main focus.

Fire mitigation:

Helping to keep your property, as well as surrounding properties, safe from fire is important to Front Range Arborists. Fuel sources are removed to prevent heat exposure to your property if a wildland fire breaks out. Brush fires, grass fires, and forest fires pose a real threat to lives and properties, which can be mitigated with the right actions carried out by certified arborists.

Fertilization techniques:

Your landscape, trees, shrubs, plants, and veggies deserve the right nutrients to maintain health. Front Range Arborists prescribe nutrient treatments that are designed to ensure trees and plants in your landscape thrive.

Winter Water Program:

Reach out to Front Range Arborists to ask about our Winter Water Program. We want to keep your trees healthy over winter, hen they are at their most vulnerable.

Call Front Range Arborists today for advice, consultation, or to avail of any of the other services we provide.