Bear Takes Break in Truck

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (CNN) — A bear climbed into a work truck and ate the lunches of two employees while their customer snapped pictures.

Colorado’s wildlife is always exciting to see. Sometimes, the wildlife get too comfortable with people. Take the hungry bear caught on surveillance video tipping over a trash bin out of the camera’s view for example. It happened last August outside a Colorado Springs restaurant. To say that this was a surprise to everyone involved is an understatement.

The latest bear sighting was a close encounter for employees of Front Range Arborists.

Jason Sharp says his crews were working in the backyard of a home in the Broadmoor area when the homeowner alerted them to this bear camping out in their truck.

“I know our boss’ reaction at first was that it’s cool, then the second reaction was – is there any damage done to my truck?” said Sharp.

The homeowner began snapping pictures.

“The windows were open in the truck and he came in through the passenger side and made himself at home,” said Sharp.

The bear stayed inside the truck for about a half hour and helped himself to their lunch.

“There were two lunches in the front of the truck. It obviously had to be pretty good,” said Sharp.
One was a turkey sandwich made by an employee’s mom.

“That’s kind of the running joke around the shop is that he ate your mom’s sandwich,” said Sharp.
Then the bear left.

“Just moseyed off down the road,” said Sharp.

The manager of the landscaping company says he’s now telling employees to roll up their windows if they leave their lunches inside a company car.