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We, Front Range Arborists, Inc., strive to provide quality tree, shrub and turf care in a safe, professional manner. Check out these testimonials that speak for themselves!

I had a VERY large amount of material in their way, of which they could have moved around, & initially did so without a word. Asking if relocating it would be helpful, Vince confirmed. They offered to help me move the stack of lumber. The whole crew got on it instantly, was kind & professional.

I think this move helped them get the job done quicker & smoother, & also was good insurance for protecting all the material they were working around. Just wanted to say it seems like an A crew over there, & they left a great impression with me. Though you have interacted with Rich on this one, I’m sure you’ll hear from Taurus Construction on future jobs. Thanks!


“I want to leave a testimonials to say how much I appreciated the work that was done at my rental on Thursday, 11/5.  Jody, Kellen, and Reese were professional and friendly and went above and beyond what was listed in my estimate.  They raked leaves that had already fallen in the front, back, and side yards; blew out my getters, and did some additional branch trimming – one I was especially concerned about that extended over my roofline in the back yard.  They were exceptional and I will surely recommend Front Range to friends and family.

I would like to mention Daryl, who came in September and walked around my property to give me an estimate. He was also very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable, explaining some things to me about my trees, what the names of the different trees were, and answering my questions.  Charity was also very helpful and friendly when we spoke over the phone.

Thank you all for making this an easy, low-stress experience.”


“Your crew performed a miracle at our house this morning.
They showed up on time, with the right tools, and the right crew!
They took out decades of overgrown elms, shaped up the shrubs,
and made the huge ash tree look reborn without the deadly dead branches
that were threatening cars and fences.

Then they CLEANED UP!!!! They cleaned up amazingly well. THANK YOU!

The only thing they could have done to improve their performance would have been to bring the leaf blowers inside and tackle the dust that has piled up in here because housework has dropped to the bottom of my To-Do list since drop-in guests became a thing of the past. Guess that really would have been beyond the scope of the project.

From my first phone call to watching the red trucks pull away, the entire experience with your firm has been a pleasure. So very, very rare these days.”

Karen, CO

“Just wanted to let you know that your crew did an excellent job today trimming our trees. Mark was so easy and accommodating to work with and did a superb job trimming all the dead branches out of the trees. The crew was very efficient too and cleaned up the debris from the yard very nicely. They were also careful in bringing the spider lift into the backyard without damaging anything.We’ve also posted a recommendation for your company in Next Door.

Thank you and I’m sure we will be enlisting your services in the future.”


Sue and Ron Graham

“I delight every day in the large tree that shades my unit at 4075-B and also the A unit next door.  It provides welcome, cooling shade on these hot summer days. And it lends beauty to the neighborhood.

A trio of men from Front Range Arborists appeared this morning with power tools in hand.  My heart sank.  I talked only a minute with your employees, Mr. Flynn, and they took my wishes into consideration.  They were able to trim away the branches that were touching the roof of my garage without sacrificing my shade.  They were very understanding of me and very competent in their work.  Leaves are no longer touching the roof of my garage, I still have glorious shade, and our neighborhood is still blessed with this lovely tree.

Thank you very much. And please pass along my appreciation to the three men who were at Autumn Heights today. Thanks to you, Kerry, for working with Front Range Arborist. I appreciate your connection with them, and I appreciate their work.”

Mary Ann, CO

“I had Mark and company out first thing this morning. They were on time and super-efficient. I was being nosy and watched the crew work; they seem to have a good operation going on. Safety was a priority, and they all seemed to get along well. I observed them smiling and joking with one another. I have to say you are truly lucky to have such a good group of men working with you on your team. All were polite.

Thank you to Mark and his co-workers for a good first experience with your company.”

Aradhana, Colorado Springs, CO

“March 27th, 2020, Mark and two crew members worked on my trees, removing one and trimming four.  I need to tell you what an outstanding crew they were.  From the start, Mark communicated well, was accommodating, conscientious, and polite.  He and his crew did such a thorough and skilled job on my trees.  I am very pleased with the results and their work ethic, paying such attention to each detail and cleaning up so well afterward.

I will highly recommend Front Range Arborists to others and call again for my tree care needs.”

Janet, Colorado Springs, CO

“Front Range Arborists took down a very large tree at my daughter’s house on Tuesday, Sept 17. I spent most of the morning watching. There were three tree people. Two men and a young lady. I don’t know any of their names. All three employees worked hard and continuously. They obviously knew what they were doing. They did an excellent job of cleaning up. It is workers like these who make the US what it is.”

Eldon, CO

“Hi Tom. Just wanted to tell you what a great job your climbers Jackie & Mark did trimming our Hackberry tree. My husband Jerry said it was done just the way he would have trimmed it! Quite a compliment one arborist to another. They were all very respectful to us and to each other on the crew. So happy for you, it is hard to find good employees. So glad your business is doing so well.”

Debbie, CO

“Just wanted to drop a note to express how pleased my wife Dee and I were with your service today! Throughout the job, Jackie and her crew were professional, knowledgeable and very efficient. We are a former customer of Anderson Tree Service and very happy we followed Kyle’s advice to give Front Range Arborists a try! You are our tree service of choice from here out.”

Bob, Colorado Springs, CO

“Just wanted to say thanks for the fire mitigation in Ute Valley Park. It has been done with great care in maintaining the natural beauty of the park while making the park and surrounding neighborhoods much safer.”

Cathy, Colorado Springs, CO

“The fire mitigation work that is being done in Ute Valley Park is making the Park even more beautiful than before (if that is possible). Front Range Arborists are doing a fantastic job. My husband and I hike the Park almost daily and are so thankful that you are performing this forward-thinking work to preserve this jewel.”

Carol, Rockrimmon, CO

“I feel like there are very few honorable, customer service oriented businesses anymore….. but Front Range Arborists are part of the few. They had excellent customer service from start to finish. I had to get quite a few partial trees and limbs cut, and actually in the beginning there was a miscommunication in what I wanted cut.

I’ll spare the details, but I inquired about certain limbs that weren’t cut like I wanted, and instead of sending me down the road and saying it was my fault, Front Range was happy to make sure what needed to be cut down was actually cut down. They have to do tree service I guess in certain parts of the month or season, so it did take an extra week or so, but trees don’t grow in a day so it’s not a big deal.

The entire time they were friendly, took initiative, and treated me like a human, not just a paycheck. I recommend this company to anyone needing to do lawn or tree work, and will probably be using them in the spring/summer for my lawn maintenance that I’m not particularly good at. USE THIS COMPANY!”

Josh, Colorado Springs, CO

“We had seven trees removed on our property at 6205 Burgess Road on November 16th. My husband and I would like to extend a huge thank you to your company and the crew that came out to our house. They were one of the most professional, talented, hard-working crews we have had the pleasure of working with.

The folks from the Colorado Springs Fire Department recommended your company and we will happily continue to recommend your company in the future. Please pass along our thank you to the crew!”

Madeline, Colorado Springs, CO

“Thank you for the excellent job yesterday. The crew of 3 was very helpful, did a great job of cleanup and protecting the patio and front work areas from debris! As a Villa de Mesa BOD member and resident, I will be recommending Front Range at every opportunity and t our assistant manager, Haley Realty.”

Jim, Colorado Springs, CO

“The fellow who sprayed our trees was professional, efficient, and friendly. They seemed to enjoy their work. They and their work reflect well on your company and your services.”

M. Smitz, Colorado Springs, CO

“They have done work for us at our home as well as on a renovation project we have. They came out within a short time and gave me a bid to remove the tree. We scheduled it and they got the work done even though I could not be there. I am very pleased with their service and will be calling them back to remove another tree. They do a nice job on maintaining the trees at my home which are very important to me.”

Renee Abbe, Colorado Springs

“Two tall aspen trees were cut down and then cut up into firewood size pieces. They then ground the stumps so that no unsightly stumps were left exposed. Both guys knew their business very well and provided helpful insight about my remaining trees. They took the time to line up the cuts, so that the trees fell in an ideal spot that didn’t mess up any part of my yard.

After cutting the tree and branches, they ground the stumps and spread the chips from that process around my other trees to serve as mulch. After all of this, they cleaned up and swept the work area.”

Alan Blanchard, Colorado Springs

“I have worked in construction since 1973 and have done many jobs that required “miracles” and herculean effort. However, in all those years I have never received a “thank you”, “attaboy”, or “good job.” On July 9, at 3am there was a big “thud” on the roof of my house. A big limb from an ash tree in the backyard had cracked at its base and the whole 30ft limb was laying on the roof of my house.

I called your company, not through any reference. Basically, after dialing around eight other tree trimming outfits, you were the only company that answered the telephone at 7am. You put my “emergency” at the top of the list despite previous job scheduling.

I am 68 years old and maybe many years ago I might have been able to take care of the limb, but it was a very precarious situation. If done incorrectly, the limb would have smashed by steel shed and probably taken out the six foot tall cedar fence.

The job could not have done with the boom lift. It had to be done “old school” style. Therefore, it is with great thanks that I saw that Kyle and his crew did a wonderful job. (The big limb had to be cut up and lowered with ropes.) This job could have been a disaster, but Kyle and his crew pulled it off – nothing smashed or broken. They also cleaned everything up well. It is with great thanks that I will recommend your company to all my friends and neighbors.”

Steve Brunette

“I wanted to leave testimonials and personally thank you for the clean up on my messy yard and trees. Kyle is one amazing man and such a hard worker. He knows his job and how to lead the crew while being thorough, professional, and customer oriented. My hats off to personable and efficient Charity too. You surely run a tight ship and your astute leadership is obvious. Looks so good now! Thrilled.”


“Great job! So neat and clean. Thank you also for such prompt service.”

Mary, Monument

“Bunches of thanks to you and everyone at Front Range Arborists! You have given a lot of personal attention to our fire mitigation projects. Your expert and efficient work combined with friendly, professional service has made us your NUMBER ONE FANS! We thank you for past, present, and future combined efforts at Victoria Park.”

Barbara, Colorado Springs

“Kudos to the arborist and his team. He sent one of his specialist, who talked to me about what he was going to do to the Mugo pine in front of my unit. He did a lovely trim that shapes the tree and keeps most of that precious greenery in front of Unit A. It looks very nice.”


“I wanted to leave a testimonials and let you know how impressed my husband and I are with your company.

I called in to your office on Tuesday, October 12th inquiring about an arborist to diagnose a sick Chokecherry tree in our yard. I had called numerous other arborists in Colorado Springs and no one had an arborist available until the first week of November. Everyone wanted to set up an appointment with me, and wanted to charge me anywhere from $80/hour to $150 for the visit. I was concerned that our tree would be dead by November since the leaves were limp and dying.

When I called your office, I was told that your arborists like to run their own schedule, and someone would be by our house later this week. No appointment necessary. There was hope for our tree!

To my delight, Darrel Pearson showed up Wednesday morning. It was cold and windy outside that morning, which didn’t bother him in the least. In a matter of minutes he determined the cause of our issue – our tree had been planted too deep. He gave us a “prescription” of pulling out the excess soil over the root ball to allow for more oxygen to get to the roots, which my husband completed yesterday.

We are thrilled to know what is wrong with our tree, and to have gotten this information with hopefully enough time to save it. And we weren’t even charged for the visit. Thank you! You have customers for life!”

Nicole and Robert Smith, Colorado Springs, CO

“I just wanted to share our continued satisfaction with your organization. The team was phenomenal, always such positive, friendly interactions, and they did a very impressive job on a very difficult tree! It was quite a feat to watch.

We really appreciate you all and tell everyone about you with testimonials. Thank you so much.”

Cathy and Dave

“I wanted to thank you all for the great work performed by the team over the past week. I can’t say enough about how impressive it was to watch the guys work. Even more so, they were professional, courteous, and kept us well informed. Not only did they expertly bring down ten very large trees within close proximity of our home, but they also ensured that all work was cleaned up each day. Very impressed and we will always come to Front Range for any of our future needs.”

Kyle & Laurie

Front Range Arborists