A lawn mower in a bright green lawn | Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes

3 Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes

If a homeowner has grass in their front yard, you can bet that they want it to look nice and neat. Doesn’t everyone? Part of making your lawn look good is trimming and mowing it regularly. The task seems simple enough, but there are a surprising number of mistakes that many homeowners make. Please read below for three common lawn mowing mistakes most homeowners overlook when mowing their lawns.

Not Mowing Frequently Enough

Many homeowners like a lawn that is green, luscious, and full of grass. After all, a lawn full of grass looks much better than a lawn that is barren and dry. Often, to help make their yards look like they are full of grass, many homeowners will go a week or two without mowing their lawns. They believe that allowing that extra grass to grow will help make their yard look a bit “fuller.”

This is a mistake all homeowners should avoid. If your yard is in the season to grow healthy and quickly, that means other plant life is in season too. Failure to mow your lawn during these high-growth seasons gives weeds and other unwanted plant life the chance to grow within your lawn, which ultimately hurts your grass and its ability to thrive. It is much easier to mow your lawn every week during these periods than to damage your lawn trying to get rid of weeds and other plants later.

Mowing the Same Way Every Time

Did you know the pattern in which you mow your lawn affects the way the grass grows? Grass blades grow in the direction they are mowed in. Another common lawn mowing mistake made by homeowners is mowing the lawn with the same pattern every time means limiting the way your grass grows. Changing the pattern up will help grass blades grow more upright, which is the healthiest way for a lawn to grow and take its form.

Mowing Too Quickly

Some people enjoy tending to their garden and don’t mind spending time outside. Other people like to get the job done as soon as possible, hoping to avoid the heat and UV rays that the sun brings with it. Whatever your preference may be, make sure to take your time when mowing your lawn to avoid this common lawn mowing mistake. Turning the mower on and then running it through the grass as quickly as possible yields negative consequences. First, the mower blades can only cut so much grass if they are flying right over it. This results in some patches of grass looking uneven. Second, have you ever noticed grass clippings being left behind as you mow your lawn, even though you just started mowing with a freshly emptied bag? Mowing too fast doesn’t allow the mower to carry out all of its functions, causing grass clippings to fly around your lawn instead of being effectively trapped in the bag as intended.

Front Range Care

Lawns provide a great first impression for any home, and taking care of them properly will go a long way in helping your property look its best. These lawn mowing mistakes may be common, but they are simple to fix. If you find that you don’t have the time or need professional help, give us a call and schedule your free estimate! We have helped countless homeowners achieve their dream yards and want to help you too.