Summer Yard Activities

5 Fun Colorado Summer Yard Activities

Fun Colorado Summer Yard Activities

July rolling around in Colorado usually means the end of heavy snow and rainfall in the state. Ranking as one of the top ten states in the country for some of the coolest summer weather, Colorado offers countless fun summer yard activities for locals and visitors alike. Here are five great activities to do solo or with family and friends this summer in Colorado.

Summer Yard Activities Part I: Fancy Picnic

Summer is a great time to set up a garden party-like picnic in your backyard. This picnic doesn’t have to include fancy chairs or pristine cutlery. A creative way to set up a picnic like this is to use rugs for seating and a low DIY table to hold all of the food and plates. If you are doing it solo, this serves as a great way to enjoy nature’s elements while dining in the peace of your own company. If you are planning to do it with family, you can give every member an assignment for the meal. You can help each child prepare a side or dish so that everyone contributes to the fancy family picnic. This same principle applies if you want to do it with friends or neighbors.

Summer Yard Activities Part II:Backyard Camping

Camping is a great way to enjoy the nationally famous Colorado summer weather. However, not every camping trip has to include driving deep into the woods and finding a remote spot. If you are up to it, you can enjoy a very successful camping trip right in your own backyard. To have a successful backyard camping experience, you’ll need to gather several things and follow certain rules. Some important items to gather include meat to grill (if that’s something you do during camping), yard games, tents, and sleeping bags. Rules to follow would include setting a time to “officially” begin the camping experience and honoring that rule by pretending that you don’t have access to anything else besides the things you brought out. That means no using cellphones, going inside to wash your hands, or running to the store because you forgot your smores prongs. Following these simple rules can help your campus experience feel as authentic as possible.

Summer Yard Activities Part III: Plant a Garden

Colorado Summers are some of the best times to plant flower gardens. Gardening is a great way to connect with nature and the earth. Several studies have also shown that those who garden consistently as a hobby tend to have reduced stress and better peace of mind. You don’t have to be an expert either. You just have to start. Just make sure not to overplant in your garden. Too many flowers in your garden may end up overwhelming you. Starting small and simple will let you admire the work you do and care for it properly.

Summer Yard Activities Part IV: Yard Game Tournament

A tournament consisting of yard games is something fun for the whole family or neighborhood. This is a great and easy way to pass the time while enjoying the outdoor weather. Making it a monthly family or neighborhood event could even turn this into a social gathering that includes food and sides to enjoy.

Summer Yard Activities Part V: Movie Night

Want to enjoy the cool, still air of the Colorado summer eve? Then grab some popcorn, fill up the cooler, and turn on the projector because it’s movie time! Summer nights are great opportunities to gather the family and enjoy a home theater experience. You can set up lawn chairs, lay down blankets, or even get some inflatable mattresses to make sure you reach peak comfort for your yard theater experience. This activity can be done solo, with family, or even neighbors. This idea is sure to be a hit with adults and children alike.

Colorado is a great place with great weather, and these fun summer yard activities are sure to keep anyone entertained during the summer season. However, a summer yard needs to be clean and tidy for people to comfortably enjoy most of these activities. If you need to spruce up your lawn and yard before you have guests over for these activities, contact us! We can help your yard look its best self.