5 Species That Benefit From Trees

Trees are a vital source of life in our landscapes and environment, and throughout its lifestyle, a tree will benefit many species. Many animals use trees for resting, food, shelter, and more. In addition, trees provide vital sources to their ecosystem in all phases of life. Let’s explore all the advantages that they offer.

  1. Mammals

There are many mammals that benefit from trees, and some that make their permanent residence in trees! Sloths, for example, feed on and may live in more than 25 types of trees, and they nest in the crowns of the trees because it is easier to camouflage themselves. Another mammal that benefits from trees is the American Beaver. Beavers use the trees they gnaw down for food and proceed to use the leftover branches for building materials for their dams and lodges.

  1. Birds

Birds are an obvious species that benefit from trees, as they utilize them for food and shelter primarily. Trees are home to many species of insects that birds consume, many of which are staple items within their diets. For some fruit-consuming birds, the nectar from tree sap and fruit are a necessity that trees provide. In addition, birds make their nests within the safety of trees, and use branches to both build and protect their growing offspring.

  1. Fungi and Bacteria

Many species of fungi and lichen inhabit trees and forests, and other species rely on fungi to grow. Trees rely on a network of fungal friends for good health, and they occur naturally to help prevent disease and erosion and absorb nutrients. Fungal networks also help with a steady growth, and trees provide a home for fungi and bacteria.

  1. Various Insects

While an insect infestation within trees may be a negative thing, many species benefit from them and can cohabitate in a mutual relationship. For old trees, or fallen trees, decaying wood logs contain moisture and nutrients that aid in new plant growth and support wildlife such as soil organisms (earthworms, beetles, and other insects).


  1.  Humans

Trees contribute to our environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen essential to life on earth. Trees, shrubs, and turf also filter our air by removing dust and absorbing other pollutants that can damage humans.


Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem, from nourishing species, to providing climate control, to preserving oxygen. At Front Range Arborists, our reliability and quality of work is second to none. We care about the trees we work with and strive to provide quality tree and turf care in a safe, professional manner. It is important to provide service and educational opportunities for our employees and our community, and we set the standards for the highest ethical care of the industry. Get a quote today and take care of the trees that take care of us!