6 Trees for Your Backyard

What tree is best for you?

So you’re thinking of planting a tree in your backyard? Here are the top six trees to grow in your yard and add some value, shade, privacy, and color. And you can build a landscape around them too!

American HollyConsidered both an evergreen and ornamental tree, the year-round foliage adds both visual interest and beauty to landscaping. Not just beautiful, but the American Holly provides privacy in the backyard. Small, white springtime blooms give way to red berries in the fall which provide food for wildlife and birds throughout the winter.


OakThe oak tree is a well-known, hardy, and large tree, that can live a very long time – between 200 and 300 years. Oak trees grow at a slow rate, but the leaves offer dense shade. With a variety of different types of oak, the leaf colors can be yellow, brown, and red and provide a great environment for wildlife in your backyard.


DogwoodThe dogwood tree provides yearlong beauty to your yard, and a variety grows in most climate zones in the United States. As a flowering tree, the dogwood is bursting with white, pink, and red blossoms in the spring, a luscious canopy of foliage during the summer, and a beautiful red display of leaves before becoming bare in the winter.


Magnolia- With its beautiful flowers, the magnolia is a backyard showstopper. This tree is hardy and blooms best in the full sun. To accompany the flowers, simple dark green leaves and a smooth and striking gray bark make this tree a foundation in a backyard landscape.


MapleA fast-growing and large tree, maple trees are popular in urban areas for their provision of shade. With a very large root system and large trunk, there are many varieties of maples that have various leaf colors in the fall, such as yellow, red, and orange.


Green Giant ArborvitaeThis evergreen tree is a large, fast-growing, and vigorous tree. In one year, it can grow as much as 3 feet per year until maturity. Its natural pyramidal shape has dense, rich green foliage that darkens as the seasons change. This is a great tree for landscape projects and is also wind resistant and can withstand heavy ice or snow.


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