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Basic Summer Lawn Care

It’s no secret that Colorado has some of the greatest climates for plant life and lawn care. Visit places such as Telluride and Aspen in the summer, and it’s as if you’ve walked into a Bavarian dream getaway. However, much of this plant life requires proper preparation and care throughout the summer, especially in residential areas. Leave things too unkempt, and you will soon find that the plant life has no problem taking over areas that can cause inconveniences for humans. Follow these basic summer Colorado lawn care tips to enjoy a beautiful and clean-kept yard. 


Mow With Sharp Blades

Everyone knows that all lawns need mowing in the summer. However, not everyone takes the time to make sure that the mower blades are sharpened before they mow. When was the last time you checked to see if your blades were sharp, or the last time you sharpened them? It’s not that dull blades don’t cut grass because they do. However, worn blades do a combination of cutting and tearing. A sharpened blade will cut the grass cleanly and allow the ends to all grow in the same direction.


A dull blade will cut, pull, and tear at the grass in different directions. This may leave dry ends on the grass blades. This leaves them susceptible to drying out, something many home lawns fall victim to. This is especially damaging to the native Colorado Bluegrass. Colorado Bluegrass should be cut with a clean blade to a height of about 3 inches in the summer. Do this and water it regularly, and you’ll see a beautiful, luscious lawn all summer. 


Trim Where There Is Trouble

Trimming trees does more than just keep the tree looking nice; it also prevents hazards. It serves as a vital part of summer lawn care Sometimes, tree branches block roadways or sidewalks. Other times, they canopy onto the roof and provide a way for bugs to get into the home. When their peak growing comes around, properly pruning trees will help reduce wind resistance, provide clearance, manage tree health, and keep your tree’s growth pattern on track to reach its full potential. If you are planning to prune soon, don’t just saw away at the longest branches. Make sure to hire professionals to come and do it for you, as they will know how to trim the tree so that it looks its best. They will also know how to treat each different tree type individually. 


Deep Watering

Contrary to what many people might think, grass should be watered when it needs it most and not on a daily schedule. Also, when watering, aim to water deeply. Setting a sprinkler system to a daily routine might make sense on the surface. After all, the lawn is being watered on a daily basis and is receiving water during the hottest periods of the year. However, to get a cool, golf course-like look, grass should be watered deeply and infrequently.


This means changing the daily schedule to watering the grass for longer periods. This may mean fewer times in general throughout the week. This will help your grassroots and blades grow strong and green. Also, make sure the surface of the grass is clear when watering. Toys or other items left out on the front yard from children or other outdoor activities can reduce or block certain lawn areas from being appropriately watered. We are not saying to not play on the lawn at all, just to pick up after people or pets have finished using it. 


In Colorado, most homes have a combination of grass lawns with trees on them. These tips should help anyone keep their grass looking trim, their trees kept, and their yard luscious. In short, a guide for basic summer lawn care. If this all sounds like too much to handle for the summer, contact us and let us take a whack at it. We specialize in arbor care of all kinds and have helped countless yards in Colorado Springs look their best.