flowering trees in colorado

Best Flowering Trees for Colorado

Wherever you live, there are certain plants and trees that are a good fit for the climate and others that would not last long. Some areas of Colorado, such as Denver, are known for their history of droughts. Therefore, not just any tree will do to plant in certain areas of Colorado. You would need a tree that is hardy. It is best to be prepared and choose the right tree for your needs, so we put this list together for you to make things easier. Here are some of the best flowering trees that are a good fit for Colorado.

Russian Hawthorne

The Russian Hawthorne tree is one of the most highly recommended trees for the Colorado area because of how hardy it is. The tree is drought tolerant which makes it great for drought inflicted areas, but it is also beautiful. The tree changes to the traditional orange, red, and yellow colors in the fall. But in the spring, the tree creates beautiful white flowers and red berries that last into winter. Along with being a beautiful tree, the tree is also known for attracting birds. The trees can grow to be 10 to 20 ft tall, can stand up to –30-degree weather, and can also survive elevations of up to 8000ft. It is a perfect plant if you are worried about cold winter weather and lack of water.

European Mountain Ash

This tree is a bit on the larger side growing from 30 to 35ft tall but it does produce clusters of beautiful white flowers. The tree turns to traditional colors in the fall and produces white flowers which turn into orange fruit. It is also a very hardy tree. It should have no problem with drought, snow cover, temperatures up to -40 degrees, and wind. Many bird species also eat the berries, so it is great for attracting wildlife.

Kentucky Coffee Tree

The Kentucky Coffee Tree is a great choice to plant in the area. It is hardy to drought, so water isn’t an issue. It is also relatively pest-free, so it is very low maintenance. You also do not have to worry about animals damaging the tree. Even deer with their strong antlers can’t hurt the tree due to its hard bark. The tree also changes color quite a bit throughout the year. The leaves of this tree start out with a pinkish shade. In the summer, the leaves change to dark green and in fall they turn yellow. The tree produces yellow flowers in the spring which turn into brown pods. The pods used to be used by settlers as a coffee substitute, earning the tree’s name.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is another tree that requires minimal care. It is disease resistant, tolerant to a variety of different soil types, and drought-resistant. The name comes from the dramatic fiery red color that the leaves display in the fall. The tree produces purple-black fruit in the spring which are a fan favorite for birds. If you are looking for a bird attracting tree that is easy to take care of, this tree is for you.

It’s Not Impossible

As you can see, there are plenty of options for trees to plant that are extremely hardy and easy to take care of. You do not have to skip out on having a tree simply because of its care needs. Get started today and plant some beautiful flowering trees for your Colorado home! If you need help, contact Front Range Arborists. We are here for you and can discuss your needs with you so that you can make the most educated choice.