christmas tree on the sidewalk to recycle

Best Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Every year, there are about 25-30 million trees sold in the U.S.

Many still prefer the traditional way of heading to a pine tree farm with the family and selecting the perfect tree to take home and decorate. The debate still continues on whether it’s more sustainable to buy a real tree or a fake tree. As a result, we put together a couple of ways to reuse or recycle your Christmas tree. This applies even long after the season is over.

Most Christmas trees that are brought into town are grown on farms and harvested just like any other crop. Very few Christmas trees are actually torn from a national forest. Those are usually strictly regulated by the U.S Forest Service. If this is of importance to you, research the company that’s supplying the trees in order to support ethical businesses.

Community Tree Recycling

Most towns offer a tree recycling service. With these programs, you can drop off your Christmas tree at a local park or community center to be ground up into mulch. To find out if your community has a program, visit their online website for more information.

Make Firewood

Even when your tree is dried out, there is still a good use for it. You can chop up your tree and use it as fuel for your fireplace or fire pit.  You’ll most likely have to wait longer for the log to fully dry in order for it to burn well, but this will be a great way to recycle your tree while keeping the Christmas spirit alive just a little bit longer!

Deck the Garden with Mulch

You can use your Christmas greenery and pine needles as winter mulch in the garden. Plants become vulnerable during extremely cold temperatures. Spreading this around tender plants will help protect them from drying winds and sun.

There are a couple of challenges that you can face when using this method, so make sure to keep an extra eye out for these things:

  • Critters: Woodland creatures love to burrow into evergreen branches and this can lead to chaos. If you have a history of rodent problems in your garden, then this might not be the best option for you. They often decide to feast on your plants and destroy them.
  • Mold and Fungus – Mulch creates a pocket of insulated air around your plants. Once the weather gets warmer, this pocket can lead to mold and fungus so be sure to remove it as soon as spring comes by.
  • When placing your Christmas greenery outdoors, make sure to remove all tinsel and wire ornament hangers so that any wildlife doesn’t run into it.

Compost Your Tree

Finally, if you are big on gardening and own a compost pile, you can compost your Christmas tree. Make sure to remove all the needles as this can delay the composting process. It is also better if you cut up your tree into small pieces or even shredded for the best result. Throw all into a pile and once it’s ready, you’ll have nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

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