Colorful flowering violet Wisteria Sinensis. Beautiful Prolific tree with scented classic purple flowers in hanging racemes. Blue Chinese wisteria is a species of flowering plant in the pea and Fabaceae family

4 Colorful Trees for Your Colorado Landscape

Bring beauty and color to your landscape this summer with these hardy trees that will thrive in the Front Range climate.

Summers on the Front Range are hot, dry, and inviting to severe drought. This weather challenges landscapers and homeowners by making it difficult to grow plants. Nonetheless, trees add value and a sense of belonging to homes and properties. Although difficult, is possible to achieve beautiful landscapes by utilizing these four colorful trees that are perfect for the Colorado climate.


1. Japanese Tree Lilac


Lilacs are known for their rich perfume and beautiful flowers, but they also have unique characteristics making them perfect for the Front Range. Japanese Tree Lilacs are tough, drought-resistant, and long-lived, making them well-equipped to beat the Colorado summer heat.


In addition, these trees come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, offering many options to fulfill unique landscaping needs.


Japanese Lilacs are relatively easy to maintain and do not need much attention. Before planting, it is essential to know that they require well-drained, evenly distributed soil. For the first few weeks, deeply water the tree every two to four days to grow healthy and strong. After approximately six weeks, reduce irrigation to once a week.


2. Ornamental Plum


Ornamental Plum Trees are stunningly dramatic and showcase bright hues of pink, purple, and white. When grown in the right blend of soil with full sun, their leaves reach a stunning deep purple. This tree is regarded as both flowering for its abundance of spring blossoms and ornamental for its visual appeal.


In addition to the Ornamental Plum’s eye-catching beauty, its ideal home is in Colorado’s Front Range. This tree thrives in full sun, tolerates slightly alkaline soil, and withstands moderate heat and drought. Ornamental Plums prefer well-drained and clay soils and may need additional watering during the summer months.


3. Tulip Tree


The Tulip Tree’s bright yellow and orange blossoms exude the warmth and happiness related to summer. They feature aromatic stems and vibrant colors and welcome all kinds of wildlife under their branches. In addition, the ideal condition for a tulip tree is at least six hours of direct sunlight, and they can tolerate drought in humid regions.


When it comes to caring for a Tulip Tree, full sun and well-drained soil are all it needs to flourish. During hot spells, it is vital to water a Tulip Tree frequently. Overall, with the right combination of light, soil, water, temperature and humidity, and fertilizer, these trees are good to grow tall and sturdy!


4. Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree


Blue Chinese Wisteria Trees originate from Wisteria vines but can grow into vigorous and resilient trees. They are well-known for their heavy scent, colorful blooms, and fairytale-esque appeal. These unique trees produce spectacular clusters of lilac flowers from their draping vines and complement landscapes beautifully.


Wisteria plants require direct sunlight for a minimum of six hours. In addition, they only need a moderate amount of water to establish a robust root system. They can tolerate drought, but overwatering is bad for growth. Porous soils are best for these trees to flourish. Lastly, avoid improper pruning, excessive shade, and applying excessive amounts of fertilizer.


It may seem like a lot of information to take in, but the reward of cultivating a vibrant, colorful landscape is so worth it! If you aren’t sure how to get started, seeking expert arborist advice will provide you with everything you need to know!


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