drought-tolerant trees

Drought-Tolerant Trees for the Colorado Springs Area

Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas are known for their stunning scenery, including many trees. Still, the dry climate of the region can make it difficult to keep trees healthy, thriving and growing safely on your property. That’s where drought-tolerant trees chosen specifically for the growing conditions unique to the area can make all the difference.

Drought-tolerant trees are able to not just survive but thrive on less water than other types of trees. This makes them the ideal choices for homes, businesses and public spaces where trees are desirable but frequent watering is infeasible.

Types of Drought-Tolerant Trees

There are a surprising number of trees capable of growing in low-moisture conditions, and many make ideal choices for the local region. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Hackberry – Native to the eastern United States, the hackberry tree adapts well to dry areas in the western portion of the country, as well. Its long lifespan and impressive mature size make the hackberry a great choice for properties with plenty of space.
  • Ponderosa pine – Another long-lived and larger-sized tree, the Ponderosa pine is native to the Rocky Mountains and grows beautifully in dry conditions.
  • Colorado blue spruce – Choosing native species means you aren’t fighting against the elements to nurture a tree that isn’t suited to its conditions. The Colorado blue spruce is native to the region and a drought-tolerant tree perfect for making a big statement thanks to its distinctive blue-green hue.
  • Bur oak – Varieties of oak grow in just about every temperate region of the world, and the bur oak is one that thrives in the Colorado soil and climate despite being native to the eastern US. Thick, wide canopies and a towering height of 50-70 feet nurture super-sized acorns, even in very dry conditions.
  • Ironwood – The American Hophornbeam, commonly known as ironwood, is a smaller-statured understory tree that tolerates alkaline soils and drought. It’s not particularly prone to any pests or serious diseases and is perfect for smaller spaces.

Adding trees reduces air pollution while providing valuable shade in summer, boosts curb appeal and attracts wildlife, especially when they’re chosen with the regional climate in mind. If you’re looking for drought-tolerant trees that can be strong and beautiful in the dry climate of Colorado Springs, these are just a small sampling of the many great options. With proper care, the right trees will add value, beauty and comfort to outdoor spaces for years to come.

Choosing the Right Drought-Tolerant Trees for Your Space

All spaces are unique, and so is every type of tree. If you’re not sure which types are best suited to the individual demands of your available space, calling in professionals can be the most efficient, cost-effective way to invest in new trees. In addition to aiding you in choosing the best trees for all growing conditions, experienced arborists can also help you stay on top of tree maintenance and care tasks to foster strong, healthy growth.

Front Range Arborists understands not only the unique challenges presented by the dry climate, but also the importance of ensuring your trees are healthy. Call today to learn more about drought-tolerant trees, and how you can choose the right ones for any landscaping plan