fruit trees

Fruit Trees to Add to Your Yard

Do you love a crisp apple or a sweet peach? If you are a fan of fruit, why not grow your own in your yard? Colorado Springs has rich soil and a growing season that will support many varieties of fruit trees that could add beauty to your landscaping and produce tasty fruit each year. Here are some suggestions for fruit trees that grow well in Colorado Springs and could be an excellent addition to your front or backyard.


Apple Trees

Whether you want a fresh apple as a snack or fruit to make a pie or crisp, apple trees can produce bushels of apples for your family. Since you should plant at least two for cross-pollination, you can expect plenty of apples if you properly care for trees. Some of the varieties that do well in Colorado Springs include red or golden delicious, Granny Smith, Cox Orange, and Lodi. Tips for healthy apple tree growth include:


  • Plant in direct sun
  • Prune in the winter
  • Apple trees should be sprayed for pests in early spring
  • Prune apple trees in late summer and as needed in winter


The best apple trees for our region should produce fruit in late September or early October.


Pear Trees

Pear trees can do well in Colorado Springs when you plant the right type and in the proper sunlight. Pear trees like direct sun, so it is essential to plant them where they will get the most sunlight in spring and summer. Like apple trees, planting two or more is ideal unless a neighbor has a pear tree that will help with cross-pollination. You will also want to spray them with fungicide while they bloom for optimum results. You can plant different varieties – some of the types of pear trees that can thrive in our region include bosc, bartlett, luscious, and Flemish beauty,


Plum Trees

If you have a smaller yard, plum trees are ideal as they are smaller than many other fruit trees. Plum trees thrive in Colorado and can produce plenty of fruit for your enjoyment. Both Japanese and European plum trees can be planted in our region, but it is best to have two or more of the same variety as they blossom at different times. Some tips for planting plum trees include:


  • Plant in well-draining soil
  • Plum trees like direct sun
  • Plant at the highest level in your yard
  • You should have your trees sprayed in mid-summer for insects


Plum trees are a very reliable crop in Colorado, so this is a great fruit tree for those who may not have a green thumb.


Fruit Tree Planting and Maintenance Service

If you are ready to add beautiful fruit trees to your yard in Colorado Springs, contact our team at Front Range Arborists. We can evaluate your property and recommend the best fruit trees for your yard. Our team can plant your new trees and provide annual spraying, pruning, and other tree maintenance services to help your new trees thrive. Call us today to schedule an appointment.