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How Trees Raise Property Value

Money really does grow on trees! By being strategic about the trees you decide to plant or remove, they can save and make you more money in the long run. Did you know? A tree in the front of a house increases the home’s sales price by an average of $7,100. Now, if that tree is part of a well-kempt, beautiful landscape, it can increase your home value by up to 11%. 

Cutting Down Trees

Of course, having a maintained, healthy tree in your front yard increases your overall cur appeal, however, if your tree is experiencing decay, or looks like it can eventually cause damage to the property, removing it will help to boost your overall property value. If your tree has begun withering or is having a hard time bringing life back into its branches, you might still be able to save it by taking action early! To find out if you should remove your tree or not, read our latest blog about when to remove your tree.

Trees That Add Value

Overall, there isn’t a specific tree species that is proven to increase property value. It is more about planting healthy and hardy trees that are placed in an attractive, safe location that are more disease-resistant. Take into account where you live. Some trees live stronger in climates that they are made for. Still unsure? Here are a few trees to help boost property value:

Worst Trees to Plant

  • White Ash (Very susceptible to Emerald Ash Borer)
  • Poplar (Aggressive roots cause foundation damage)
  • American Elm (Shallow roots can disrupt lawn or pavement)
  • Silver Maple (Root system often grows above ground)

Aesthetics, Energy Saving, Return on Investment

The explanation is simple. Trees provide beauty, color, and depth to your curb appeal when properly taken care of. They provide shade and protection to your home, cutting energy costs down, and ultimately bring more value to your home when you are ready to sell. Depending on your location and the background of your landscape, the return on investment can be significant! Our team is ready to help you when you need it. Whether it be planting or removing your trees, we have the expert arborists to help!

Let Us Help Get You Started

If it is picking out a tree, positioning it in your yard, or maybe you are worried about what to expect from your tree in years to come, we are here to help! Since every city is different, it is important to know about the trends of trees in your local area to ensure you aren’t about to buy a tree that is going to cost you in the long run and choosing one that will make you more money instead!