Is there a difference between shrubs and bushes?

Shrub or bush?

We can’t all be landscaping experts, but even experienced gardeners can have a difficult time differentiating between shrubs and bushes. There is not a lot of differences between the two, but a bush is a low, densely branched plant and a shrub is a low, several-stemmed woody plant. Therefore, both a shrub and a bush are low-lying and woody plants.

Shape and structure


The difference between a bush and a shrub is just a matter of personal preference or regional language, but from a horticultural perspective, the shape and structure provide a distinction. A bush is more round, wherein a shrub can be evergreen or considered to be small trees. A shrub can be taller and have thicker foliage than a bush, but still not be considered a tree.

Shrubs and bushes differ from trees and other plants because of their size and composure. They are shorter in size and have multiple root systems growing rather than a single trunk. Also, they have a more rounded shape. Hedges, which consist of a tightly planted cluster of shrubs or bushes, are an aesthetic addition to the landscape to provide the homeowner with privacy.

Benefits of shrubs and bushes


Shrubs and bushes are one of the most versatile plants you can bring into your garden and provide a lot of benefits to gardeners and the environment. Some of the greatest benefits include energy saving, improved air quality, ecosystem support, and reliability. If planted strategically, shrubs and bushes can block sun rays from warming your home and become a natural filter to dust and pollutants within the environment.

In addition, shrubs and bushes are great for ecosystems, as they provide food and shade to animals and insects. And the last reason these plants are so popular for landscaping is their reliability. Shrubs and bushes are sturdy and reliable plants and require little maintenance to remain healthy and hardy.

Final verdict


Overall, the final verdict is that there is no real difference between shrubs and bushes, and they are both considered to be low-lying woody plants. If you are interested in having some included in your landscape, we offer a shrub pruning service to keep your plants healthy and hardy. The Front Range Arborist team are experts in making your shrubs and garden look its best!

Through shrub and bush inspection, insect and disease control, treatment for weather damage, deep root fertilizer, seasonal feeding, and disease treatments, pruning and trimming, irrigation assessment, and more, we are committed to extending the life of your landscape and shrubbery.