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Lawn Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Your lawn should be thriving and healthy, however many lawns are heavily affected by the mistakes their owners make. From over watering to dull equipment and over cutting, a lawn can be starved for nutrients and die fairly quickly without the right care. Your lawn can thrive by avoiding these lawn care mistakes and giving your lawn the best chance to be healthy.

Choosing the Wrong Area

Where you choose to have your grass can have a drastic impact on its success and growth. When choosing where to plant your grass consider that grass needs the full amount of sun to thrive. Those shady areas should be watched and if you want to plant in shadier areas choose a grass species that thrive in the shade. Also, consider areas that are easy to set up sprinkle systems in as well.

The Right Amount of Water

Water is the life source for your lawn. It can also be the thing that drowns and kills it as well. It’s important to find a balance between too much water and to little water. It’s important to consider the type of grass you have, the amount of rainwater you get, and the amount of shade. Mostly, lawns need about an inch every week. An irrigation system can help with watering and even reduce water waste by knowing when watering is needed. A deeper watering is better than frequent shallow watering.

Dull Equipment

One Reason for your lawn looking drab may be the equipment you are using. A lawnmower with dull rotary blades can cause ripping and jagged grass blades. It can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. While using dull blades also increases the number of times you must perform maintenance. As well as the number of times you have to cut the lawn due to how little it may cut through the grass.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing should be an activity that trims your lawn making it uniform and beautiful while getting rid of those broken and browning edges. Your lawn should be getting just the right amount of cut each time. You should not be trimming it too short to save time. This actually could cause more money in the long run due to the damage you are causing you grass. Cutting it too short can cause the grass growth to be stunted and for the roots to absorb fewer nutrients. This can cause dry patches and lawn deterioration, causing you more money in the long run.

Excess Clippings

Following your lawn maintenance while cutting means it’s important to pick up the excess clippings. It’s also important to wait until the clippings have somewhat decomposed and this can provide extra nutrients. If you wait too long the lawn clippings may clump and then will suffocate the lawn, leaving dry spots.

Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating is an important process in lawn care. Your lawn can become compacted from outdoor activity, cars, or even small equipment that have certain amounts of weight. The compaction of soil occurs when the top layer, thatch, becomes a strong somewhat impenetrable barrier that prevents water, nutrients, and even air to reach the lawn roots. One way to tell when your lawn needs aerating is when water is pooling, your soil is hard and tough, and when your grass seems to be breaking down. Aerating allows airflow and breaks this barrier encouraging lawn growth and absorption of nutrients. You can use a variety of tools like spike aerators, slicing aerators, and core of plug aerators. It’s best to do when the soil is soft and pliable like after rainfall.

Hire A Professional

Lawn care can become complicated and hard to maintain to a certain point. Hiring a professional may be the best option to keep your lawn beautiful and thriving. At Front Range Arborists we offer a variety if services from tree stump removal to shrub and tree pruning to ensure that those dead and fallen leaves don’t starve your lawn. As well as lawn care to keep your grass looking healthy and new.