yard waste

Recycle Yard Waste

Now that you have removed your tree and an arborist company has removed the waste, where does it go? Tree trimmings, including leaves and branches, can be recycled through compost. By composting this waste, you can create a nutrient-rich soil additive. You can then use this in your yard for further planting.

The importance of recycling tree waste is that you can repurpose for various uses. The main one usually consists of using it as a nutrient to help new plants grow. One of the other main benefits of compost is that it helps to conserve water. The nature of its composition help it hold in more moisture. Recycling your tree waste has many benefits to the environment and if you have any questions, contact Front Range Arborists.

Furthermore, composted tree waste creates bacteria such as fungi, insects, and worms that help break down organic matter. Tree waste that is dumped in landfills get covered by trash and break down in an environment filled with anaerobic bacteria that gives off methane and harmful greenhouse gas.

Larger pieces of wood take time to break down, so it is important that you further break down larger trimmings before composting them. Additionally, by leaving your grass clipping on your lawn, you are allowing for valuable nutrients to act as fertilizers for your yard. You can also compost the clippings that can be later used to fertilize your garden or yard. Leaves are also a good source of nitrogen that help break down your compost. You can also add twigs to your compost to allow for oxygen to keep flowing in.

No matter how much tree, grass, or leaves waste you have from your yard, there is always a way that you can recycle them to give them new life. Besides using the waste for compost, you can have it mulched, chipped or even use the larger waste as fire wood! At Front Range Arborists, we want to help you understand what you can do with your yard waste. If you have questions or would like to learn more, call us today at (719) 635-7459.