Hydrangeas, a flower that does well in the shade

5 Shade-Loving Flowers to Complement Your Trees

The shady areas in your yard are the perfect place to cool off and enjoy the outdoors.

But many of these areas are plain because people think that flowers are only meant to be in the sun. Just because a plant grows outside, doesn’t mean that it thrives in direct sunlight. Here are five of our favorite shade-loving flowers that will brighten up your yard.


These delicate annuals come in a wide variety of colors. Options can range from orange to purple to yellow and even bi- or tri-colored! Pansies can thrive in full sunlight or partial shade and prefer things a little cooler, so they’re perfect in a spot in your yard that gets sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Fun fact: pansies are edible! As long as you don’t use any chemical pesticides, they can be added to salads or desserts for an elegant touch.


Hydrangeas have beautiful, ball-shaped clusters of blooms in many different colors and can even change color by adjusting their soil pH, reminding us of elementary science projects! They can grow in sunlight, but they prefer to keep cool, so they are best suited in spots that get full or partial shade.


These shrubs are completely covered in blooms, allowing you to have a colorful bush to brighten up your yard. They love warm weather but can survive in cold climates, so they’re perfect for most areas in the country. They do best in an area that is protected from wind, so line your fence with these beautiful blooms!

Lady Banks roses

Roses come in hundreds of varieties, but the Lady Banks rose is one of our favorites! This is a fast-growing rose with large, fragrant white or yellow blooms. They do best in partial shade, so place them in an area with sun for part of the day and shade for the rest in order to let these blossom to their full potential.


Camellias are another shrub that grows large, eye-catching blooms. They are evergreen and often bloom in cold weather, which will brighten up your yard in the otherwise colorless landscape. Even their large glossy leaves are beautiful to look at, especially against the contrast of snow. Since they can grow in any weather, these flowers will be perfect in a partially shaded spot at all times of the year.

There are so many varieties of flowers that thrive in partial sunlight or full shade, so add some color to your shady yard! If you don’t have any shade and want to create a spot to plant these beautiful flowers, contact Front Range Arborists. Our specialists can help you decide the best trees for your yard to create a space that you love!