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Top 3 Types of Unique Trees

While we love our Colorado trees, there are many unusual-looking and unique trees around the world. From thick trunks to “quaking leaves,” find out more about what makes these unique trees so special.


1.    Baobab Tree

Found in Africa and Australia, these trees have unique barrel shaped trunks which can reach a diameter of 30 feet and a height of 59 feet. Some of these unique trees may have hollow trunks and pendulous flowers.

This unique tree is referred the “The Tree of Life,” as it has adapted to its environment. As a succulent, during the rainy season this tree absorbs and stores water in its trunk so it can produce nutrient-dense fruit even in dry seasons.


2.    Dragon Blood Tree

Known only to the island of Socotra, Yemen, the dragon blood tree looks prehistoric, and its location isn’t the only thing that makes it so unique. The island of Socotra has unique flora, with 37% of its plant species being found nowhere else in the world.

This tree can grow to more than 30 feet in height and live for more than 600 years. The branches grow in an outward pattern, which gives the overall appearance of a mushroom or inside-out umbrella shape. It produces rich berries and a dark red sap – which gives it the dragon blood name – and many natives use this sap in substances such as varnish, medicine, and beauty products.


3.    Aspen Tree

Aspen trees are one of the most widespread tree in North America, located from the Midwest, to Canada, north into Alaska, and across the West through Arizona and New Mexico, the aspen tree stands tall. What makes this tree so unique is on the brink of the season of autumn, their leaves turn into a vibrant golden yellow. The aspen has tall, tube-like trunks, and as they cluster together their leaves rattle together to make a quaking sound.

Another thing that makes the aspen unique is that one aspen tree is only a small part of a larger organism. A group of aspen trees is a singular organism with the main life force underground in the extensive root system. The oldest known aspen system in located in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest and has lived more than 80,000 years.


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