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Top Energy-Saving Trees

You know trees are a valuable addition to any property and play a vital role in the stunning natural beauty of Colorado’s Front Range, but did you know they can play an equally crucial role in your energy-saving plan? By strategically planting and maintaining certain tree species, you can harness the power of nature to reduce energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. Explore the Colorado Springs region’s top energy-saving trees and the myriad benefits they offer.

Deciduous Delights: Energy-Saving Trees for Shade

When it comes to maximizing energy savings, deciduous trees take the lead. First, they shed their leaves during the winter, allowing more sunlight to warm your home and reduce heating costs. Then, through summer’s heat, their dense foliage provides much-needed shade to keep interiors cool and reduce the strain on your home cooling system. These are only a few of the deciduous energy-saving trees that can thrive in the Colorado Springs region:

  • American Elm: Known for its majestic stature and classic lines, the American Elm is a fantastic energy-saving tree. Broad, arching branches create an expansive canopy, effectively shielding buildings from the scorching rays of the summer sun. Strategically planting this tree near windows and walls can go a long way toward passively cooling your home. In addition, the ongoing work of developing hybrid elms naturally resistant to Dutch elm disease makes these trees far lower risk than they once were and are worth considering for energy-saving purposes.
  • Honeylocust: A popular choice for lining sidewalks, the Honeylocust is native to North America and well-suited to the region. Its natural drought resistance is ideal for the regional climate, and its delicate, fern-like foliage allows filtered sunlight to pass through, providing a gentle, dappled shade that prevents excessive heat gain. Planting Honeylocusts on the west side of your property can effectively protect against the intense afternoon sun.

Evergreen Wonders: Energy-Saving Trees as Windbreaks and Insulation

While deciduous trees work hard to provide shade during the summer months, evergreen trees offer their own unique set of seasonal benefits. By acting as windbreaks, evergreens create a protective barrier against cold winter winds to minimize indoor heat loss.

  • Colorado Blue Spruce: A beloved native tree, the Colorado Blue Spruce is not only a visual stunner; it’s also a champion in terms of energy efficiency. Planting along your property’s north or northwest side can create an effective windbreak, indirectly reducing heating costs.
  • Austrian Pine: With its dense, dark-green needles, strong branches and adaptable nature, the Austrian Pine is an excellent choice for windbreaks and natural insulation.

Choosing the Right Energy-Saving Trees for Your Property

Front Range Arborists, a local full-service tree and shrub care company serving the Colorado Springs area, is dedicated to helping our neighbors harness the benefits of energy-saving trees. With our expertise in tree trimming, removal, preservation, fire mitigation and pest control, we are well-equipped to keep your existing trees healthy and happy. The same broad knowledge base allows us to confidently help you select the perfect energy-saving trees for your unique property so we can act as a go-to resource for all your tree care needs.

Contact Front Range Arborists today to actively explore the remarkable energy-saving potential of trees. Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable future while enjoying these magnificent trees’ numerous benefits to Colorado’s Front Range.