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Why You Should Never Remove A Tree Yourself

Trees are beautifully enormous, but they can cause serious hazard to your home, sewer pipes, and the foundation if they start to grow uncontrollably. Trees can not only cause problems above the ground, but also underneath without you knowing. In cases where trees need to be removed to secure your house and family from property damage, rely on the experts at Front Range Arborists to help you. Here are several reasons why you should hire tree removal professionals for the daunting task.


Do you know what type of tools you are going to need to remove a tree? Unfortunately, many people don’t and to save money, they do the work themselves. This means not using the proper tools and equipment needed to complete such a task.  Professional arborists know how to cut a tree down the right way. This ensures that debris from the tree doesn’t damage any of your property or your neighbor’s property.

Power Lines

If your trees are close to power lines, working near them can be very risky. One touch of your tools to the power lines and your whole neighborhood is left without power. Worst case is you will be electrocuted! When working around power lines, you always must assume they are live. Even with weather-proofing, you still have a chance to be electrocuted.

Time Consuming

From considering every risk in the way of cutting down a tree to cleaning up any debris, removing a tree is a time-consuming task. If you are tackling this task as a one-man job, it can often time take weeks or months to fully complete the removal. Another question that you have to consider is, do you have the right vehicle to haul the debris?   Once the debris is ready to be moved to a dump surface, you will have to drive it to them and/or pay a service fee. This all takes time out of your daily life that could be better spent!


No matter how tall or wide your tree spans, there are safety hazards you must consider. Failing to do so could put yourself and others at risk. When hiring a professional tree company, you can ensure that they have the training when it comes to tree removal and know how to cut down trees in a safe manner. Cutting down trees is much more than just taking a chainsaw to the trunk. There are precise steps that must be taken, which include topping, limbing, bucking, and stump clearance.


When you have trees that are ready to be removed, leave the job and the risks to the experts. From all of the liabilities, tools, and knowledge needed to do the job safely, an experienced arborist has what you need. Call Front Range Arborists today (719) 635-7459 for all of your tree care and removal.