Trees helping our climate

How Trees Help Mitigate Climate Change

The air in our atmosphere has an enormous impact on our health and on the planet’s climate. The oxygen we need to breathe is provided by the plants that release it into the air, with the largest amount produced by trees. Carbon dioxide is the other half of the plant-air equation. Plants and trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, which has a significant effect on the Earth’s climate. Learn how trees help mitigate climate change and why we must protect this valuable resource.


Photosynthesis and Climate Change

All plants use photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Forests filled with trees are the largest plants on Earth and are needed for removing carbon dioxide from the air. While carbon dioxide is essential to the Earth’s atmosphere, too much can result in a change in the temperature, which impacts climate.


Carbon dioxide collects and releases heat. When carbon dioxide levels increase, so does the temperature of the planet. This causes a chain reaction of events, including melting ice caps, increased temperatures, worsening natural disasters, and other adverse effects related to the current changes in climate.


In the last century, there has been a significant increase in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air. The industrial revolution greatly increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – all the factories, cars, ships, and other greenhouse gas emitters contribute to the high levels of carbon dioxide created by humans.


Every Tree Matters

Every large tree can have a significant impact on carbon dioxide levels. One mature tree can remove an estimated half a metric ton of carbon dioxide from the air. When you consider the forests that cover the Earth, these are the best deterrent for rising carbon dioxide levels and temperatures. Unfortunately, these forests are at risk due to a variety of factors.


In the U.S., forest fires, partly caused by climate change, are killing the trees that could help mitigate the rising levels of greenhouse gases. It is a vicious cycle – higher temperatures increase the risk of forest fires, and fewer trees cause higher temperatures. While not all forest fires can be prevented, ensuring that new trees are planted, and forests are replenished is vital to protecting our atmosphere.


Caring for Your Trees

You may not have a forest in your backyard, but protecting the trees on your property is a way to do your part to help mitigate climate change. Healthy trees are needed throughout the world to help maintain our atmosphere. Planting new trees and keeping your existing trees healthy is a great way to contribute to protecting our environment.


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