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How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Whether you just moved to a new home or have been there for years, one of the biggest chores for a homeowner is maintaining the care of your yard and trees.

It’s important to not skip on these chores as it can lead to double the work when it’s left undone.

Mature trees are very valuable in a yard, but they take time and lots of care to ensure they grow to their fullest.


To help keep your tree growing healthy, you can prune them during the winter and summer. Remove any noticeable deadwood, smaller branches, and anything that may harm the tree. This, however, can be very time consuming. By hiring a tree trimming service, like Front Range Arborists, you will ensure that your trees health is well taken care of without wasting any of your time.


By pruning your trees, you are helping the overall health of the tree, the safety of others and your home, and making sure they are aesthetically pleasing in your yard. Safety is so important with any tree you have. Dead or weak branches can often break and cause to damage within the surrounding area.

Any trees that are growing close to utility lines should also be trimmed.


Protecting a tree’s bark is very important as the bark helps keep away fungal or bacterial infections that could rot the tree from the inside. The roots are another part of the tree that ensure it remains healthy. Compacted soil is one of the biggest threats to tree roots, because compaction impedes water infiltration and oxygen into the roots.

Make sure your soil is healthy and oxygen can be absorbed by the tree’s roots.


Keep your tree healthy all year long so it can provide shade and add beauty to your home. If you find that your tree looks damaged or diseased, the only option may be to remove the tree. When it comes to a diseased tree, you will want to get your other trees looked at to make sure the disease didn’t spread.


Make sure you research your trees’ needs to ensure they are healthy, but if you need help then give the experts at Front Range Arborists a call. We can help you maintain healthy trees in your yard year-round. Call us today at (719) 635-7459 and receive a free estimate. We are here to help you keep your trees healthy for life.

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