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Preparing Trees for Storms

Weather can be very unpredictable, especially when it comes to storms.

To be fully prepared for winter and spring storms, it is important to take these precautions before they hit. Failing to do so could result in a damaged home, office or property.


If you have dead or sick trees, make sure you remove or trim them as they can fall over on your property during a heavy storm and cause more damage than expected. Overgrown trees are also a major cause of trees that fall over. This is because the branches have grown too far from the base of the tree making the branches too heavy when rough weather blows through. Not pruning can also cause damage in the winter when snow falls. Pruning your trees in the summer or fall can prevent this damage to your trees.


Watering your trees year-round helps the tree grow the roots it needs to keep stable and strong during a storm. To help strengthen the roots even further, look into deep root fertilization. This allows for the soil to be broken up, which in turn allows nutrients and air to reach the roots.


For younger and less stable trees, use stakes around the tree to help keep it standing straight through rough weather. Stakes should be checked year-round as it may damage the tree as it grows.


Need to remove a tree before the next storm? Front Range Arborists has the team and equipment to safely remove any tree and stump from your yard. Trees too close to your house can fall and cause a lot of damage. Let us help you secure your home before damaged is caused.

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