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Protecting Your Trees During A Drought

No matter the time of year, Colorado can enter a drought where residents are asked to lower their water usage.

To keep up to date with the latest on Colorado drought, you can visit the National Integrated Drought Information System website.


To ensure your trees survive during this period, it is recommended that you water early in the morning or after the sun has set. By watering during the day, the sun’s rays and heat will cause evaporation to occur more quickly. Another way to save on water is to choose to water your trees over your lawn, because of how rapidly grass can regrow. If you choose to water the grass over your trees, it can become very costly. Neglecting your trees may cause them to die, which means planting new ones that will take years to grow.


Unfortunately, fertilizer can dehydrate roots. In the case of a drought, cut back on fertilizing your plants and trees as it does require more water. Begin or end your day by saturating the soil of the tree. Another way to water your trees is with a slow drip or with deep watering. Moisture should be reaching 12 to 18 inches deep as roots can reach up to this length. Use a soil probe to check the moisture of the soil at that depth.


Another tip to help save on water is adding mulch to help retain the moisture between each watering. Unfortunately, stones can increase the temperature and loss of moisture. Therefore, stones are not recommended around your trees.


At Front Range Arborists, we offer several services that will keep your trees healthy year-round. With our winter watering service, we will be able to help valuable trees and shrubs grow and survive the winter.


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