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Tips & Tricks for Newly Transplanted Trees

For a newly planted tree or shrub, it can take up to two years for it to fully be established in your yard.

During this time, you need to carefully and closely watch the health of your tree.

The first two years are crucial to avoid any major damage or disease that could take over your new trees.


A couple of the major tips are making sure your trees and shrubs receive enough water and that you take precautions during storms and heavy winds to ensure they don’t fall over. To help trees keep their moisture during the fall and spring, you can add mulch to the base of the tree. Pruning is another great trick when it comes to keeping your trees healthy. Pruning can be done throughout the year. Prune any broken or dead branches that occurred during your trees’ growing phases.

Only use fertilizer after the tree is establishment period and during the early spring.


When watering newly transplanted trees and shrubs, make sure that you don’t water too frequently. Roots need oxygen and unfortunately, when the soil is saturated with water, trees and shrubs can’t get the oxygen they need. To ensure that they receive the right amount of water, let the soil around the plant dry first before you proceed to water it again. Installing a drip system or lawn irrigation is a perfect way to get your yard the water it needs!

This also takes out the manual work on your end.


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