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6 Ways To Celebrate Trees

To bring the celebration to our local communities, we’ve compiled 6 ways you can celebrate trees (with some additional bonus ideas!)

Trees play a vital role in building healthier, safer, and more connected communities and should be – and are – celebrated around the world! To bring the celebration to our local communities, we’ve compiled 6 ways you can celebrate trees (with some additional bonus ideas!)

Make homemade syrup from trees

Did you know it’s possible to make homemade maple syrup with maple trees close to home? “Sugaring” is the process of collecting maple sap and boiling it down to make maple syrup. Maple sugaring is fun and easy and can be done on a small or large scale.

It’s a fun and educational family activity, and even with just a few trees, it is possible to make enough syrup for gifts for friends and family!

Create an art project with fallen tree branches and leaves

Tree-themed art projects with tree-provided materials are creative, engaging, and educational! There are many ways to upcycle fallen tree branches and leaves.

First, go out and collect beautiful and interesting pieces of nature – pinecones, leaves, branches, seeds, and anything else found on the ground. Next, head to a local art supply store and gather desired materials. This can be paint, canvas, construction paper, glue, and more.

The pieces of nature collected can be used to create any medium of art as a celebration of backyard trees. Get creative and have fun!

Plant a tree

Proper tree planting goes beyond digging a hole, putting a tree inside, and adding water. The process requires preparation, planting, and care, but the result is so rewarding. Once a tree is planted, watch as hard work grows into a strong, sturdy, and beautiful backyard tree!

There are many types of trees to choose from to create a personalized landscape. As an added benefit, planting trees in any landscape provides beauty and cost-effective shade!

Learn why leaves change colors

Although we notice the leaves changing color in the fall, the red, orange, and yellow pigments are present in leaves year-round. The reason these beautiful colors come out in the fall is because of the change of sunlight and the breakdown of a chemical called chlorophyll.

That’s only a brief summary of why leaves change color, and there’s plenty more interesting chemistry behind fall foliage that is worth the read! 

Visit your local orchard

Colorado grows a bounty of produce recognized nationwide. While it is possible to shop “Colorado Proud” in most grocery stores, individuals can also self-pick fruits, veggies, and more.

From apples, to berries, to flowers, and everything in between, Colorado’s many beautiful orchards are worth the visit!

Go on a hike

In addition to providing a way to celebrate trees, hiking offers fresh air, breathtaking views, fitness, and more. Colorado is home to hundreds of trails and destinations to choose ranging from 1 mile easy strolls to 8-mile round trips.

The list is endless…

In addition to the ideas provided above, here are even more ideas to get the celebration started!

  • Spend an afternoon doing bark rubbings
  • Organize a nature art show for kids
  • Bake cookies with tree designs on them
  • Put up a hammock between trees
  • Create tree-themed latte foam art
  • Have a family picnic beneath a tree
  • Build something out of recycled wood
  • Host a bird house building competition
  • Help a local city with their tree canopy assessment
  • And the list goes on!

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