why you should hire an arborist

Why you should hire an Arborist

Find out why, as a homeowner, it's essential to hire an Arborist.

If you are a homeowner, you know the pain and effort that goes into creating and maintaining a beautiful yard. Not only is a nicely landscaped home important for your own home-pride, but it increases the overall value and curb appeal. Trees are the most important contributors to your home’s exterior look, they provide shade and fill your yard with life. Trees aren’t just as easy as planting and watering though. They require maintenance including pruning, constant monitoring, and seasonal adjustments to grow healthy and lush. Hiring an arborist guarantees disease-free, beautiful trees for even the most plant-challenged of us. Here are three reasons you should hire an Arborist this new year.

Arborists offer special care and expertise

They love trees. I mean really love them. Gardeners are not always focused on the well-being of your plants. They are usually more focused on the aesthetic of your yard- which is great! Arborists are only concerned with the health of your trees and are the experts of their care. Tree doctors spend their careers staying up to date on the latest findings, understand seasonal effects, and can spot symptoms of disease way before a typical gardener. Having both types of care ensures the maximum coverage for your yard care.

Proactive care versus Reactive

Typically, tree care is focused simply on trimming and pruning but lacks a focus on preventative disease care and growth strategies to create the strongest, best-looking plant. Without thinking of the future of your yard, trees can easily grow lopsided, unhealthy, or even contract extremely contagious diseases (among plants). Arborists consult with you on upcoming weather preparations, tips for growing, and disease monitoring that will save you thousands in liability and removal services.

Unique care for each tree

Every species of tree has its own set of specialized demands. With a tree expert in your corner, you won’t have to guess and trial which methods work for your plants. Arborists have to go through continuing education requirements and must make sure they are knowledgeable on all types of trees and tree care. You can learn tips and tricks you’d never thought you needed to know- or simply leave the work to them and enjoy a lush back or front yard.

Professional help

Trees can weigh hundreds of pounds. Because of this, branch pruning requires careful and proper techniques. When you hire an Arborist, you have someone who has all of the right tools to safely deal with your trees and save you from spending thousands on equipment. Most certified Arborists even have heavy-duty harnesses and other devices to make sure the entire process is safe and efficient.

Being a homeowner comes with countless responsibilities and to-do’s, which can make it easy to forget about the health of your trees. Some additional services Arborists offer include:

  • Emergency tree removal
  • Planting services
  • Pruning and maintenance
  • Disease assessment

With winter in full swing, don’t let the health of your trees suffer. Consult Front Range Arborists for more information on how their Arborists can help you today.