Colorado Trees

Tough Colorado Trees

Colorado is land to some of the most beautiful and tough trees out there. Not all trees can withstand the harsh winters and extreme weather that the state often goes through. If you live in Colorado and are looking to plant some trees in your yard, make sure to choose wisely. The last thing anyone would want is to pick a tree with a poor chance of survival when harsh weather conditions are involved. When tree shopping, make sure to consider some of the trees mentioned in this article. They all have a history of doing well, regardless of what the weather in Colorado may be.

Colorado Blue Spruce

Did you know that Colorado Blue Spruce trees can withstand weather as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit? If that doesn’t manifest how strong this tree is during the winter, we don’t know what does. This tree has a blue-ish hue to its pine needles and grows in a column-like shape. Some can grow as tall as 60 feet high! It is also the state tree of Colorado, so the name and its resilience to Colorado’s weather are perfectly fitting. These trees require a good amount of water, so make sure to water them well before the winter season starts. This way, they will soak up water easier and retain some for winter. Waiting until winter means that the ground will freeze and harden, making it harder for the tree’s roots to soak in water.


Scrub Oak

This is a great tree for home landscapes. Its smaller size allows it to fit well in front or backyards. It also means that the tree won’t dominate the space it is in. The Scrub Oak makes an excellent windbreak and can withstand extremely cold weathers along with seasons of drought. Although not fireproof, it does have the ability to resprout after a fire. This is the true and perfect “tree of all seasons,” which is why it fits in so well with Colorado’s landscape and weather conditions.


Japanese Tree Lilac

Japanese Tree Lilacs can grow to a height of 30 feet and spread anywhere from 15 to 20 feet. It has the appearance of a tall shrub and produces clusters of cream-colored fragrant flowers. The Japanese Tree Lilac grows upward as a sort of shrub and requires very little maintenance. You’ll most likely only need to clear out dead twigs or broken branches. In addition to looking beautiful and requiring minimal maintenance, the Japanese Tree Lilac can withstand harsh weather. They withstand average winter temperatures of -15 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them an ideal tree to plant in the front or backyard of any Colorado home.


Let Us Help You

While all of these trees have characteristics that allow them to thrive in cold weather, we know that everyone’s situation is different. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns you may have. We have helped countless customers in the Colorado Valley spruce up their yards, and we can do the same for you. We provide free estimates for whatever help you may need, so contact us today!